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*SPOILERS* Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Primrose, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. Well I have tickets to Thursday AND Friday just in case I feel like it, I don't know much about it but I know it's their final tour so I had to
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  2. MKS tour teas when they were begging Manchester venues staff to attend the gig nn. What did they gays had to do that night I wonder.
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  3. Aw nice one! Got tickets for Thursday too!
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  5. This is so adorable.
  6. Still sickened to my core “No” has been cut..
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  7. Went last night and I can definitely say they set such a standard with their previous tours that I came away a bit disappointed.
    Completely understand the potential reasons for stripping it back routine wise etc but was definitely sorely missed - didn't expect to get 3 songs in before they danced!

    Also.. has anyone noticed tha Jesy's vocals are still in Break Up Song? My +1 to the gig doesn't follow them and even they commented saying those vocals were evident
  8. Which parts in the song?
  9. ADM


    I’ve been waiting to watch some HD videos to hear the backing vocals properly for this point, the nerd in me is curious to hear..
  10. The backing track at the end of Wasabi, replacing Jesy's outro.

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  11. I ended up down a rabbit hole and watched tour videos until 1am, even though I had to be in work for 6.
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  12. I’m not a fan of their choice of words. “Last ever Little Mix song”. I know what they mean but gals c’mon, don’t make me sad when I’m already sad.

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  13. Surely we know by now a girlgroup going ‘on hiatus’ means they are not coming back, except for 1 (one) full line-up reunion tour in 10 years.
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  14. If anyone wants tickets to their last show at the O2, they’ve just released some tier 4 seats at face value on ticketmaster.
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    I didn’t need to hear this..
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