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*SPOILERS* Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Primrose, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. Ticketmaster have released some for OVO Hydro for both nights, front 3 blocks too.
  2. Do we know the timing for the 1:30pm matinee shows? Planning on booking a 5:15pm train back to London from Manchester - that should be fine, right?
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  3. thanks for this, just nabbed me some tickets!
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  4. They’ve not been coming on stage till gone 2pm. I assume you’re booking it from Piccadilly which is a 15-20 walk from the arena but even if you didn’t get out of there till half 4 you’d be grand
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  5. I may have a spare floor ticket to the first Nottingham date (9th May) going if anyone is interested. Will keep the thread updated if so.
    2 weeks to go and I'm very excited to finally see the show.
    Quick question. Have the signed litho pictures been selling out quickly? I'm going to treat myself to one if possible at one of the Nottingham dates if possible.
  6. Looks like I’ll be there… watching from the cinema!

  7. This really should be a worldwide broadcast if true…
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  8. YouTube Live pls
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  9. Hopefully it’ll not be exclusive to this chain, I’d never heard of it until this cinemas listing popped up. Google tells me the nearest one is almost an hour away.
  10. This! It would be a great goodbye for them and for those of us who are not in their home country
  11. Amazing. I was hoping they’d do something big like this.
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  12. Am I going to the show on the Saturday? Yes.

    Will I be ugly crying in the cinema on Sunday for the encore screening? Absolutely
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  13. Announcement incoming

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  14. Real or not, I very much appreciate the 'for now' on that poster.
  15. Clashing with Eurovision final. Absolute gay panic.
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  16. I believe it as well. I am surprised how many people are thinking this is just it to be honest - their official statement said how they have plans for more performances, music and tours in the future and I really don’t think they’re liars.
  17. Hi huns! Going to the Cardiff show on Monday and looking at getting the train to and from Bristol. What are the timings? Last train is at 10.18pm which seems a bit early...
  18. Show is being Live Streamed Worldwide on the 14th with tickets on sale tomorrow!
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  20. Thank fuck! They did something right for international fans for once!
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