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*SPOILERS* Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Primrose, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. Why is it so hard to find a list of the cinemas it's showing in
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  2. The LM5 tour film came out on iTunes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a similar situation happens again. Hopefully they’ll at least try for Netflix or Amazon Prime, though.
  3. Vue Cinemas have their listings up, but that’s it from all I can see thus far.
  4. Hopefully someone rips a digital copy
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  5. As I’ve said before, it’s lovely that they’re insisting that this is just an extended break and not a permanent split but I just really hope they act on their promise.
  6. Thanks. I can't find anything for Germany, I searched the local cinema listing sites too.
    Looks like it's a nein out of ten for us!
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  7. Got my livestream ticket and I'm so damn excited!!
  8. I’m booked up for the cinema and bought a t-shirt. Squeeze those last coins out of me girls!
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  9. Got my ticket for the cinema on the Sunday night!

    So I'll be seeing the show Monday night and Tuesday night in person at Nottingham, and then the final performance encore on the Sunday night.
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  10. I’ve booked for the Saturday night at my local Cinema.

    I was surprised how many seats had been booked at just after 9am
  11. I can’t get the cinema link to work, annoying!
  12. All of this discussion around the broadcast of the concert is making me nostalgic for when concerts were shown on Sky Box Office back in the day.

    Bring back 'Live In Your Living Room'.
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  13. ADM


    I'm tempted to throw a bit of a party for this! Put it on the big screen, have some friends over. Food, wine and tears.

    I'd love to see them have some special guests appear, for sure Stormzy (seen as his rap is used in the show) and maybe Galantis pushing a few buttons for Heartbreak Anthem.

    It'd be such an iconic girlband move for them to bring out the babies but doubt they will (and understandably).
  14. One of the cinemas near me keeps directing to a 404 page when I'm trying to book seats, and the other hasn't even put the listing up yet despite being one of the confirmed venues on the CinemaLive site. Why is booking a cinema ticket harder than booking an actual concert ticket?
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  15. MB


    Does anyone know the times for the matinee? All I can find is doors opening at 12.
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  16. Supposedly they're on after 2?
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  17. They came on in Newcastle at 2:30pm.
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  18. Thank you!
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  19. I'd hoped the Brazilian fans would get some cinema screenings, but no...

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