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*SPOILERS* Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Primrose, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. For the evening shows, what times do both support acts start? Little Mix is 9, yeah?

    I’m staying in a hotel next to the Hydro and don’t wanna head over too early.
  2. The email I received has it listed as

    Denis Coleman at 19:00
    Since September at 19:30
    Little Mix at 20:30
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  3. Thank you, I haven’t received an email yet (I’m going tomorrow night).
  4. TMI


    I have purchased a live stream ticket but won’t be able to watch the show on Saturday night nor Sunday. I will be able to watch it on Monday, am I right? I’m confused with all of the time zones.
  5. It seems so - it says 48 hours after original stream which would take you to Monday evening.
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  6. Ah, the girls were so great tonight. There was such a nice energy and I will say this is most joyous I've seen them live. Everything just felt like a true celebration and they were enjoying every moment.

    Love Me or Leave Me was cut tonight (not that it was missed dddd) but the set list was so strong throughout. I was unsure on Shout Out being the opener but it worked well. I also didn't expect Confetti to be my favourite of the night but it was very cinematic!

    I've said this with each tour but they really could elevate the atmosphere with even a small standing pit and catwalk. The moving platform didn't even come half way out to the audience so it felt they were a far distance being near the back of the arena.

    Pop will miss their presence but their legacy has been cemented. The whole show felt like a final victory lap of all their hits and achievements. Cannot wait for the livestream!
  7. Cut Love Me or Leave Me and bring back No!
  8. The way they were like there's ONE song everyone wants us to do and we are finally going to do it... and it was Love Me or Leave Me.
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  9. Love Me Or Leave Me isn’t a hit with us but it is with the teenage girlies.
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  10. W2K


    Finally got a ticket for tonight, can’t wait to see them. I hope Love Me or Leave Me stays cut.
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  11. Anyone looking for 2 floor seats for the final London show? Have some that I'm having to let go - my friend has finally admitted she will be too pregnant to go and I'd rather them go to someone on here at face value than resell via AXS x

    Update: sold!
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  12. I agree i really like Love Me or Live Me though its not a bad idea to have removed it from the set list. Conffetti and Sweet Melody really went off!
  13. I wonder if anything special will happen for the last show?
  14. Jesy
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  15. It would be cool if they put No back in for the last show. Just so it's on the DVD really.
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  16. Can you imagine? Jesy coming on with a repeat of that capital ball performance?
  17. Did we ever find out why it was cut?
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  18. When the encore starts and the 'doo doo' section begins but it's not the one you expected...
  19. ADM


    I just seen a TikTok of this and the same thing happened at the Dublin date, it must be just a natural reaction to hearing the backing track. The screen says 'SING' and everyone does the 'doo doo' and then the actual part plays. Or maybe it's meant to be like that? I'd have assumed it was more 'audience and speakers sing together' not one then the other?

    That makes lots of sense..
  20. [​IMG]
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