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*SPOILERS* Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Primrose, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. Oooh that's a good question. I've really enjoyed all of them but I remember the Get Weird tour being so big and colourful and fun so I'd maybe say that one?
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  2. Aww I missed that one. It looked great on the dvd. I don't know if it's just because the album is so brilliant but I really loved the Salute tour.
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  3. The opening section of the LM5 tour is them at their best. The Salute - Power - Woman Like Me run is so strong. This is superstar stadium level:

    I just think the setlist lost its way towards the end and had some glaring omissions - Monster In Me & Forget You Not in particular.
  4. Overall the LM5 tour lacked something for me. My show was towards the end of the run and you could tell they were all knackered (Jade had lost her voice), but I also felt like the production was a bit half arsed and as you say, the set list wasn't quite there. It was still a good show but not their best for me.

    EDIT: Just realised I meant Glory Days not LM5 nn
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  5. I went to a Little Mix club night at the RVT a couple of weekends ago. Every 3rd song played was a Little Mix song and they played Forget You Not at one point, which caused me to fully lose my shit. Such a bop.
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  6. It was a thousand times better than Glory Days, a step in the right direction but a little too late.
  7. Oops I just realised I meant Glory Days!! Need to edit.
  8. The LM5 Tour was, personally, miles better than the Glory Days Tour. I always thought that show looked and felt rushed.
    4 days until I finally see the show. I really am excited now!
  9. Are you doing Nottingham on Monday?
  10. Thought I already posted this, better late than never!

  11. Finally our turn tonight!!!
    People who know Manchester Arena from Victoria Station - I should make a 10:40pm train right? What time has it ended at previous dates
  12. Show is supposed to start at 8:30 and finish at 10:20, you should be good given it’s so close.
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  13. I’m doing both! Monday I’m on the floor (5th row back?) and in their tiers for the Tuesday! Can’t wait!
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  14. I’ve booked my cinema tickets for their last show next Saturday!
  15. This part of the interview shared in the Between Us thread was very interesting to what has been discussed here several times: the lack of many routines that would rely heavily on choreography:

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  16. Oh wow brilliant. I'm dragging my fiancé along on Tuesday.
  17. And it’s absolutely understandable. I also think it’s lovely to see how much they own the stage with their personalities and how fun and free they appear. As much as I love a choreo heavy show, their confidence on stage this tour prevails that.
  18. AXS have just released some tickets for the London dates in the side of the stage blocks; 113 and 118.
    Grabbed some for the Friday night; row J (which is the front row of block 113), better than nothing I hope!
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  19. Hope you both have a brilliant time!
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  20. Put it back in the set list petition!

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