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*SPOILERS* Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Primrose, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. Wow what an incredible night!! Full thoughts are below, it’s long so I’ve stuck in a spoiler.

    • It felt like such a lovely send off for them. Proper celebration of how far they’ve come and all they’ve achieved. 23 songs performed with a mix of all 7 albums. Pez sang a little bit of No and all the interval videos had LOADS of extra songs. I’d say all together over 50 Little Mix songs are heard at least in part during the show, even if just a few seconds.

    • As others have mentioned, the opening string of songs? So high octane. Loved the reworks of certain songs - Woman Like Me Rock Ver was amazing and I loved the screen visuals. New versions of Wings, Happiness were brilliant.

    • LM5 was my first tour and they didn’t do Move, my favourite single, so I was so happy to see it tonight, well worth the wait.
    • Finally got the Touch choreo, they killed it.
    • Of all the singles they didn’t do, I missed DNA the most but there’s so much else you barely notice. Just hit after hit.
    • Black Magic is normally in my lower tier of songs, I like it but it hasn’t aged the best so I have it 3/5 when I reviewed Between Us. But it was weirdly one of the songs I enjoyed the most tonight. The dance break was immense.

    • Of course they cried during Between Us, Jade couldn’t even do the opening line.

    • MERCH NEWS: The photo set has gone from £10 to £5
    • They had signed Since September posters for only £5
    • Speaking of which both support acts were actually really good - I added quite a few songs to my library

    • Was it just me or was it louder than usual? The bass was so strong my whole body was shaking.
    • Also, most of the camera shots of the girls singing was on the main screen which was blocked by speakers for us but Ahh well.

    • Jesy wasn’t missed and I mean that nicely. There didn’t feel like there was a gap. The others played so well off each other, covered her parts so nicely.

    • The energy was fine to me - I thought there was a fair bit of choreography. Overall it wasn’t as good as the last tour but I feel like they are taking it easy on this tour to enjoy it instead of it being gruelling. I had no issues with it, the show was great. Had an amazing time. Will miss them so much
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  3. Hope you have the best time!! It’s amazing seeing an artist you love for the first time
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  4. Seeing the girls for the 10th time tonight & I am sitting front row. I am NOT prepared, and I’m not ready for them to go yet!
  5. oh my god there are so many Ella’s walking around I’m scared for my 6’1 self once this starts
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  6. They’d ran out of the lithos by 8pm last night so during Love Me Or Leave Me I went for a wee and managed to get them to take the one pinned up on the merch board down for me! And was back in my seat in time for Between Us!!
  7. Live album? Or is this something anyone can edit?

  8. I’m pretty sure that anyone can add things to Genius so I wouldn’t put any stock into this. Although, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if they use the livestream to put the live versions up on streaming platforms.
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  9. Wig flew at the Manchester matinee

    Jade is a superstar I’m shaking
  10. Jade referencing “I’m ready/you said that with some determination” at the matinee was amazing.

    The only slight disappointment was the fact that there were songs missing. It made the bit with the platform almost redundant because as soon as they were in the audience, they were heading straight back again!
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  11. I don’t even know where to begin from today, I’m on such a high still from the matinee. I just can’t believe I finally got to see them headline an area tour after 10 years, after only seeing a small 4 song acoustic set at LPR in NYC 2017 (with a M&G), which was actually amazing, and then open for Ariana at MSG (also amazing). Not complaining but we never really got to experience them in the states properly and it’s always been such a dream, so I was beyond excited for today to actually be a reality.

    The set list was absolutely lit and they did an incredible job. Like I did not breathe the entire time, scream sang every word to every song, and was sweating my damn ass off. Thankfully the Ella’s were not an issue, everyone got up from the start and moved around accordingly for ideal views. Even made friends with so many people around us! When we first got inside, it was absolutely packed and the merch stands were swarmed, so we went to the floor (where our seats were) to cut through to the other side but ended up having a separate merch stand, bar and bathroom down there anyway that we’re basically empty which was a DREAM. No signed lithos but got everything I wanted. Also, appreciated how much space the seats were? I feel like US floor chairs are crammed together and this was so much more enjoyable.

    On the show, I thought it would be strange to hear some of the songs have the other girls sing Jesy’s lines, but did not notice at all, and they crushed them. Honestly, even Jade and Perrie were saying how it was the best matinee show they’ve ever done, the energy in there was insane.

    Sad they still cut Love Me or Leave Me, Only You, and No Time For Tears, as @JMRGBY mentioned, the floating platform moment was so quick only having No More Sad Songs and Between Us for it. But still nice they did it regardless.

    I don’t even know how to wrap my brain and get more thoughts out, as I’m just rambling now so I might add more thoughts later. But really, you Brits are honestly so lucky to have these girls the past decade, and fuck the US for missing out on such an iconic, talented and beautiful force of a girl group. I just feel lucky to have come and witness them before their pause.




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  12. MB


    I was also at yesterday’s matinee and whilst I enjoyed it I just felt like it was missing something. The costumes were basically the same 3 times over bar the final outfit. Shame like others mentioned about the missing tracks. I also missed Holiday and How You Doing. Personal preference but I’m not the biggest fan of confetti or sweet melody so the ending seemed a bit meh for me. That said, they performed their asses off, whipped up the crowd amazingly and it’s really sad their taking a break when they’re really at the top of their game and selling out such a massive tour! Like others have said - I actually didn’t miss Jesy and they seem so much stronger as a 3.
  13. oh actually yeah I said in my post I only really missed DNA but I was disappointed about Holiday too. Was listening to it on the plane flying back this morning and it’s such a summer bop
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  14. I’ll save my long, soppy post for next week but last night was incredible, front row for my last ever live Little Mix show (… for now)! I recreated Jade’s opening act outfit and got so much love from all of the girls.

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  15. You look AMAZING!
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  16. Thank you so much! Me and a £5 glue gun became best friends over the past few days, haha.
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  17. I saw them for the first time last night and it was great! Bop after bop and it was lots of fun.

    The choreography was scaled back massively throughout the show (understandable given recent changes and you could tell there was more of a conscious effort on them being the focus and them taking it all in) but some of the choreography was a bit The Saturdays at times ddd, particularly Power.

    Perrie is an absolute powerhouse vocalist but Jade genuinely isn't that far behind, her vocals were consistently great and she's a brilliant performer on top.

    They're great performers overall but the performances were a bit static at times and the productions could have been beefed up a bit so I definitely agree with the criticisms over the years that a catwalk and a live band would have enhanced everything.

    They'll definitely be missed! Touch live was a religious experience.
  18. I don’t want to even mention J*sy but I barely felt her absence. Of course she has iconic moments, like a rap or two and the Sweet Melody doot-doots… but her absence only made the girls stand out even more and feel even more like a well rounded girlband. Honestly I think they benefited from her departure
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  19. I was actually pleasantly surprised with some of the choreography. Only watched some clips online before the show, nothing really in full, and while it’s definitely scaled back compared to their past shows they really did a lot. Particularly Sweet Melody I wasn’t expecting so much of the original choreo and ad libs but they did them all. Obviously the Touch moment was amazing and the video I took you can just hear myself screaming YAAAAAAAAAAAAS YAAAAAASS. cringe

    As everyone has also said, the omission of Holiday was glaring. It’s not even in my top 15 favorite songs, but my friend I was with (who’s also an OG super fan), it’s his and he was disappointed going into it without it. It was just strange as a single on their most recent album.

    I wore my Shout Out To My Ex shirt from back in the Glory Days era and got some fun comments and compliments
  20. I have no idea who did the new doot-doots, I think it was Pez but I preferred them to Jesy’s
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