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*SPOILERS* Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Primrose, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. It was just J*sys studio vocals I think
  2. W2K


    I thought the Sweet Melody tour "doo-doo"s were confirmed to be Leigh-Anne? They certainly aren't Jesy's.
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  3. They’re definitely Leigh-Anne’s,
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  4. Werk!
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  5. I would assume they will bring back everything for the last show, right?
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  6. I've just officially cancelled a personal trip and last week moved a work event in order to watch this virtual show. Little Legends come first!
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  7. I’m doing it. I finally bagged tickets to their penultimate date in London. I think I might cry
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  8. In the original song, after J*sys verse, the doo-doos are Leigh Anne’s. On tour, it makes sense that it’s also hers. It even sounds just like her
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  9. If my boss thinks I’m focusing on anything else other than Little Mix this week, then..

  10. Finally made it to my two shows in Nottingham! Got floor seats tonight and tiered tomorrow night.
    I’m buzzing for the show and to hear the songs live once more, get drowned in confetti, and sing my little voice out!

    And if they want to add No back in, then please do it tonight or tomorrow?!
  11. Come through, superstar Jade! (the second slide)

  12. The sight of the legend that is Jade Thirlwall in my home city warms my heart.
  13. For as big a song as "Heartbreak Anthem" is - the tour performance is very flat.
  14. They were amazing last night! I loved the vivid colours and they had so much energy too.

    They didn’t perform Love Me or Leave Me last night. I imagine they are saving their voices to make sure the live stream isn’t jeopardised? Like others have said though, it makes the floating platform pretty much redundant as they go out and then go straight back to the main stage?

    The arena was packed. I don’t think I’ve seen it that full before! The queue for the merch took the longest time too. I went for the signed poster too. I couldn’t resist. there were quite a few left (as with the unsigned) when I got my, and that was probably an hour or so after doors opened.

    I’m there again tonight and will be able to take a lot more of it in I think!

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  15. Everything except the bounce!!!!!!!!!!
    A bop that needs justice.
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  16. “Bounce Back” and “Think About Us” are the two singles I missed the most on this setlist.
  17. It would be wonderful if they brought back No for the last show. Just so it's on the DVD.

    If Anne-Marie is performing with them, obviously Kiss My (Uh Oh) will be performed. Heck, throw in Cut You Off and Holiday too why don't ya girls.
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  18. Perrie has a throat infection so it would make sense if they’re trying to save vocals for Saturday.
  19. This makes a lot of sense. There was a lot of ‘mic to crowd’ moments tonight.
    She didn’t sing a huge amount of Secret Love Song and a few of the ad-libs were skipped. I think she saved herself for other big moments, like Woman Like Me.
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