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*SPOILERS* Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Primrose, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. I have a video of it (idk how to post) but at the Manchester matinee during SLS, Perrie's end high note, she took a breath break during the beginning of it I've never seen her do before, so this all checks out (she still absolutely crushed it). Hope she feels better!
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  2. Can someone smarter than me please tell me when the love stream will be for us Australians?
    I have work but really want to see this live.
  3. 5am according to Google...
    You can also play it anytime for 48 hours after the stream too if more convenient
  4. ADM


    I've just watched a couple of videos from the tour and realised, I can't remember much of the show! I think I was so excited and happy to be there and in shock that we made it and living for the songs so much that it all went over my head!

    We're throwing a little party for the last show, putting it on the big screen, with Between Us on vinyl and that 18 minute Megamix as a warm up! Tissues at the ready..
  5. Beyond excited for tonight, and subsequently tomorrow and Saturday.

    It really is like Christmas Day for the gays.
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  6. I feel the exact same way! Saw them on Tuesday and I think I was just so excited and overwhelmed I only remember bits and pieces. Can’t wait to relive it on Saturday.
  7. They really did not need to give them matinee shows this time round. I'm seeing them tonight and I really hope a day off to recover has helped Perrie's voice somewhat.

    I'd rather them mime to pre recorded vocals than not sing certain parts to be honest.
  8. Filming consent posters around the venue, that’s just because of the live stream and cinema right?
  9. Maybe as a back-up just in case all goes wrong? Or they could be filming all three nights to make a version to release? Or just for extra crowd shots?
    Hopefully we get a live album and DVD!
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  10. That was incredible.
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  11. I’m so glad I made the decision to make the trip to London for this tour. I’ve seen the girls perform as openers but tonight was the first time I got to see them put on a full show and it was incredible. You could feel the joy coming from the girls all night long. They’re all truly meant to be on stage.
  12. They were utterly flawless last night. Legends of our time.

    Excited for night 2 this evening!
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  13. It will be my sixth time seeing them tomorrow and I'm honestly not emotionally prepared for it!
  14. Very excited for tonight - can't wait.

    What time did the girls come on last night?
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  15. Going to tonight’s show!!! I’m so excited. See you gals there
  16. ADM


    Do we know how this is actually going to be streamed? Through YouTube? I want to put it on the TV and hopefully we’ll be able though a fire stick or the likes
  17. I'm gonna be sobbing tomorrow
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  18. Ok I caved and bought a digital ticket.
    Bring on 5am Australian time!!!
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  19. They are a frickin POWERHOUSE!!!

    seeing them live as a three is SOOO much better. They looked so happy, it just works. Perries vocals are out of this world, Leigh’s stability and tone sounds rich live, but miss JADE?! Stole the show. A superstar.

    what a celebration of the past 10 years. Proud to be a mixer.

    however… shouldn’t Ella have grown up by now? Did my head in lmao
  20. Am I right in thinking they’re selling those “last show” T-shirts tonight too, right?
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