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*SPOILERS* Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Primrose, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. Mvnl

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    Still torn about tonight. I know I'm not the most patient viewer (I struggle with movies, shows without a 'plot' to keep me on the edge of my seat are even harder for me) + there's Eurovision too but at the same time tonight feels potentially like a moment.. + full circle since I watched them win X Factor live all those years ago too.
    Will many of you be watching and discussing it live?
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  2. I’m heading to the cinema to watch it tonight.

    It definitely feels like a moment. I saw the show a few weeks ago and it was brilliant.

    It’s been an incredible journey from Rythmix to Little Mix to tonight. Which should be an amazing way to say goodbye (for now).

    What a pleasure to have been able to follow it all.
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  3. My friends and I had the exact same conversation. Like, what is a four year old really achieving from going to the concert…?
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  4. How many times this morning do you think the girls have cried?
  5. The girls were amazing last night. Their vocals were on point. And them choking up at the start of Between Us was a moment you knew they were emotional, but they held it together at the end. Truly ending (for now) on a massive high.
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  6. They were phenomenal last night!!

    Yes the choreo was stripped back compared to past tours, but their energy was immense.
    Dare I say it, they looked the happiest on stage I have ever seen them (3rd time seeing them).

    Highlights for me were heartbreak anthem, woman like me (wow), touch, power and Sweet melody.
    SLS and between us were very sweet moments - the latter was very emotional.

    They were all fantastic but Jade really is THAT girl isn’t she?! Perrie has always been my favourite vocally but Jade is not far behind. I think overall though, Jade is the one. She has it all. She was living on stage.

    Only bugbear I had were the costume change breaks - for most of them, nothing was done. It was literally like it had ended a few times. In past tours they had dance breaks, videos etc.

    The losing contestants from ‘The search’ were there yesterday and acting all billy big bollocks - was hilarious to see them acting like that as no one recognised them.
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  7. Well, today is the day. I’m absolutely gutted, but so pleased they are going out on a high with so much love for each other.

    I’m going to the cinema to watch the show tonight, I’m going to try and just take it all in and enjoy it as best as I can.
  8. I didn't have any issues with their dancing? I felt they had progressed and are performing as women now. Everything seemed sleeker and they were there as established artists as opposed to having to go all out to prove themselves. They had a LOT of energy and I never felt anything significant (like a member) was lacking.
  9. Discography spoke for itself with this tour, for sure.
  10. You saw them too?! Jasper Blue. Right next to me and my mate in the queue, we didn’t even bat an eye lid
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  11. I adore her so much.

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  12. Seeing this in person had me and my friends in tears. What a night.
  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Tonight's gonna be an emotional mess, isn't it/
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  14. I have tickets for tonight’s show, can’t wait! Does the O2 have long queues to get in? Not sure what time to go in so I don’t miss the start!
  15. Not massively long, no. They move quite quickly and if you’re on O2 for your phone network you can skip the queues and join the priority line.

    You want to get to the arena itself for 7:30pm at the latest, personally.
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  16. My husband and I will watch the stream together tonight and it will be his first exposure to the girls... He is in for a treat. We have decided to organise like a whole snacks table for us, so it will be fun!

    So, how does the live stream go? Do we simply go to the email we got when we paid, click there and that should be it?
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  17. ADM


    I’ve had that 18 minute Megamix on a bit today and the part near the end after the Brit’s speech with The Cure and “life that’s been changed” knocks me every time.

    i just get, like, emotional that Jade auditioned 5 times and ended up in the biggest pop act in UK. A life that’s been changed.

    It’s sad today but it’s also kind of, I don’t know, comforting or something at how it’s ‘ended’. Absolutley unprecedented for a girl band. Just incredible.
  18. Anyone have stage times for both support acts and the girls? I would like to see Since September if possible.
  19. Denis Coleman: 19:00,
    Since September: 19:30,
    Little Mix: 20:30
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