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*SPOILERS* Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Primrose, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. Didn’t The Saturdays do the exact opposite dd
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  2. FLO are the ones to watch I think!
  3. Just come back from the cinema watching the live stream (my cinema showed it last night, and three times today)
    It was 3/4's full at this showing, and we all loved it. There were lots of arms in the air, and by the end, we were cheering and some of us were singing along loud enough for others to hear!
    The show is such a triumph as well. Hit after hit after hit. I really hope that they release it (not just on iTunes like the LM5 Tour).
    It was emotional to watch at times (I thought that they were going to be much more emotional than they already were)! You can tell that the girls truly love each other and they will miss this. I'm sure the hiatus will go by in a flash, but them being adamant at coming back fills me with joy.

    I went with my friend, who was supposed to be coming to the show, but couldn't make it, and she said she was gutted she didn't go in the end. I've reassured her that we will be there when they return!
  4. I met Kelli from Liberty X, she was lovely. I think her son was a little confused why I was talking to his Mum though nn.
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  5. It was more a fatal ECG.....
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  6. The girls are insanely talented. Something the show definitely highlights. Their live vocals and stage presence (with or without choreo) is unparalleled. However I did find the stage lacking and the visuals a tat cheap. During the performances of Woman Like Me, Confetti and Power it really showed potential but I feel they deserve way more.
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  7. Just finished watching the stream. Overall it was a great show, better than I expected from the clips I had seen online.

    That being said, that inflatable prop they used on Power looked like ass. If it wasn’t for the visuals on the screens I wouldn’t have a clue what it’s supposed to be and then it just highlighted even more how poorly done it was.

    It’s supposed to be like this glamorous, glossy structure and instead it looks like a giant play doh sculpture made by a 6 year old. If I was them or part of their management I would have took a bullet and just drop the whole thing, no one would have missed it.

    Another thing that i didn’t like was them singing No More Sad Songs while they could barely move up there (though they did their best anyway).

    It made me sad that they didn’t even give a shout-out to Jesy, I understand why but she’s still part of their history.
  8. Why would they give Jesy a shout out when she has never apologized to them for her bad behavior over the past 12 months?
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  9. I know she doesn’t really deserve it, I just thought it would be nice for the girls to take the high road and acknowledge her contribution to the group even though she is trash.
  10. They acknowledged her when they won the Brit Award for “Best Group” and that, albeit before the evident fall out, was enough at this point now.
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  11. This. Especially considering the blackfishing had already caused issues between them and they weren't on speaking terms. A class act.
  12. Just came back here to say that the girls doing the updated original Touch routine on the final tour is the best thing they’ve ever done
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  13. I’d argue that they’ve been tolerating a lot for a lot longer than 12 months.

    They looked genuinely happy this tour and I think a huge part of that would have been the healthier dynamic that they had over the past year as a three.
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  14. I watched the livestream last weekend and I’m still a wreck. Even though I had to pause the show and cry a couple times, that was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to and I wasn’t even there. I still wish they’d gotten their breakthrough in the U.S. While I’m grateful to have seen them open for Ariana back in 2017 (and get my entire life for those 30 minutes), I wish I could have seen them headline live just once. For everyone who’s been to at least one of their headlining tours, consider yourselves blessed.
  15. TMI


    Now, give us the blu-ray and a live album.
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  16. I go out this evening to buy some balcony flowers, and see this!
    It's the things you least expect that hit you the hardest......

  17. Behind the scenes of the last show (for now…)

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  18. Axel is too damn cute

    Jordan and Jade are too damn cute

    Warming up to My Prerogative? Iconic

    Release it all now!!!!

    Also, Jade literally at the end of the video -
  19. Their wee hype dance to N-Trance made me so so happy, to then have me bubbling moments later having their last walk to the stage.
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