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*SPOILERS* Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Primrose, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. Same. It’s set me off again!
  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    If I'd already be emotional hearing Set You Free would have broken me.
    Was that a crowd shot of Norma?
    Really appreciate this. Can't think of a girlgroup handling their (temporary) goodbye in a better way.
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  3. The end when they hug each other and you can hear (at least) one of them crying. Yeah, that hurts. I'm crying all over again.
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  4. Not me at the age of 30 years of age welling up at Perrie sobbing whilst she hugs the other two girls.
  5. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    There's no age limit on empathy
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  6. I wish we had longer of them as their there I adore their synergy.
  7. We too hiHATEthis, Ms Thirlwall

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  9. TMI


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  10. Yeah I really dont *need* the signed poster anyway, so probably a good sign Manchester isnt there. Also got my tour hat in the mail today!
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