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*SPOILERS* Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Primrose, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. I wonder if Holiday will be in a video interlude? We definitely heard it playing when Jade was having her earplugs fitted.

    The inclusion of Move is fantastic news, even if we don’t have Cut You Off!
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  2. Do I report you for your poor taste or your smiley face? X
  3. I'm assuming No Time for Tears and Only You will be mashed up.
  4. Gloves Up over Holiday is a choice

    And I really like Gloves Up
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  5. Holiday is definitely the glaring omission. I'd prefer DNA or Think About Us over Reggaeton Lento.
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  6. I won’t miss Holiday.
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  7. I’d rather Holiday over Reggaeton Lento, but I get why. Completely buzzing for this. What a set list this is!
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  8. Smash after smash. I’m too excited!!!
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  9. Trying not to judge the setlist too much yet until we see interludes and other things they may have up their sleeve.
  10. I still think the encore would have been better as Between Us followed by Wings, but we’ll see!
  11. I think that setlist is amazing, and I’m fully perched to see it in exactly 4 weeks today!
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  12. NO CATWALK??? AGAIN!!!???
  13. TMI


    Currently listening to the spotify setlist and it flows very well.

    Hope they’ll film the tour and release it on bluray and not only as a useless Itunes release I can’t even watch properly on my TV. Last time I watched a part of it, I was in the toilet.
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  14. RMK


    I don't really see a point for Reggaeton Lento unless the girls enjoy it. *Maybe* it's shortened, but it's a feature that doesn't even seem to be garnering many streams nowadays.
  15. Amazing set list.
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  16. I was low key rooting for DNA to have a triumphant return, but blimey - what a setlist.

    (And Love Me Like You but that was never going to happen)
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  17. Secret Love Song does seem to be in a very odd place on that set list.
  18. TMI


    What time are they on?
  19. Move, Happiness and Wasabi - they heard my prayers!!
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  20. Imagine having that discography.
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