Spotify Wrapped 2021




Little Mix wasn't a surprise, I really got into them this year, I was in their top 0.1% of listeners ddd. I honestly have no idea how Not That I Found You was my top song, guess I played it more than I thought. It's a SCREAM that F.F.F. by Bebe Rexha made it at #4 because I literally had it on repeat for one week when I cut off a few of my friends nn. Definitely quite a random year for me!
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I've only had Spotify for 2 months but somehow landed in the top .05% of Kylie Minogue listeners. Are her streaming sales that bad?!
Mine said Ungodly Hour and Little Mix, and girl, you're right.

I listened to Ungodly Hour in the bleakest winter ever, in lockdown and only leaving the house to go for a walk, mostly in the dark. It got me through. Heartbreak Anthem was my 'favourite song' and tbh it is!
1. Pasadena - Tinashe
2. No Time For Tears - Little Mix
3. Sweet Melody - Little Mix
4. Love Sweet Love - Little Mix
5. Remember - Becky Hill
6. Creature of Habit - JoJo
7. Bouncin' - Tinashe
8. Break Up Song - Little Mix
9. Through The Night - Becky Hill
10. Sacrifice - Bebe Rexha

Gay rights.
Kind of surprised by my top 2 and thought Jungle would be in there:

1) Architects
2) Bernhoft
3) Britney Spears
4) Lady Gaga
5) Halsey

My top 5 songs were all by Architects, but according to the playlist...

6) Bernhoft - Clearly Confused
7) Jungle - Keep Moving
8) Halsey - Girl is a Gun
9) Bernhoft - All My Loving
10) Jungle - Dry Your Tears