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Spotify Wrapped 2021

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. 1. Tinashe
    2. Ariana Grande
    3. Madonna
    4. Mariah Carey
    5. Britney Spears

    Not Gaga missing from my top 5 for the first time ever. I guess Gargoyle should do better on Chr*matica's follow-up effort!

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  2. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member


    I'm very much not surprised by this ddddd I've listened to more artists this year than last year I feel, but I've also had very specific albums on repeat so there's like... less than ten different artists in my top 100.
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  3. Compared my list to and the Top 5 are accurate but they’re in a different order with my #1 being the only correct placement.

    Speaking of my #1, stream this bop:
  4. What I did last year was download BlueStacks which is a mobile emulator.
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  5. So seems I haven’t done much Spotify listening this year but colour me surprised with my #1 artist - Erasure! Guess I did a deep dive during peak lockdown for some upbeat gay abandon! In fact the whole top 5 this time around is kinda legacy but as Ms Minogue once stated “when you can’t find the music to get down and boogie all you can do is STEP BACK IN TIME”.

    I think the real picture would be significantly different as I think Dua Lipa, Little Mix, Years & Years and Jessie Ware all high on my playlist from my iTunes library along with Ms K Minogue of course!
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  6. I switched to Spotify in the middle of the year so it’s skewed a little bit. Turns out I’m gay. Who knew!

  7. RJF


  8. Screenshot_20211201-160224_Spotify.jpg

    Quite surprised London Grammar's How does it feel was number one as it's not my favourite from the album. All I can think was I played it loads so it'd grow on me more.
    Pretty sure I hammered 'Save your tears' the most but it's not even top 5!
  9. SWIFTIE4Eva
  10. RJF


    The fact I was in the top 1% of her listeners I-
  11. And I was only in the top 2%!


  13. [​IMG]
  14. TMI


    AF0D1068-B0C8-4AB4-B36F-C941464B0029.jpeg For my defense, I discovered Steps one year ago.
  15. No need for defence - Steps have been on fire this campaign. Bop after bop!
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  16. After being in the 0.0005 percent top Mariah listeners last year the 0.005 is a slight disappointment. Still #1 obviously.

    Happy Aaliyah made my Top 5.
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  17. The ever-innovative team at Apple Music have rolled out a competing year end wrap-up

    ...that's only available on desktop on a web browser outside of the app. Great work team.
  18. The whole deluxe of Doja's album was inside mine so I deleted most of the songs and added glaring omissions like Thot Shit, Linda, Dopamine and Affection dd.
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