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Spotify Wrapped 2021

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. Am I dumb… how do you save the page with all the stats on it? From the Spotify app on an iPhone?
  2. "Share This Story" at the bottom, scroll to Download, will save in your camera roll
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  3. I just screengrabbed them!
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  4. Okay have fun LYING to me Spotify.

    A5F4355F-EDD3-4059-938E-D233479C2D0A.png 7653491E-99A8-45EA-9FD6-644591450960.png

    It says the most listened artist I have is Lady Gaga is a LIE. But then a few slides later it is.

    Top 0.05% I guess I spinner that remix alberm a few times ha. And Born this way anniversary.
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  5. C0A7D1E8-E138-4F8D-9992-830E94B1BD01.jpeg

    Posing In Bondage is hands down the best song of 2021 and continues to be as haunting and bewitching as the first time I listenened to it back in June, so that’s a wonderful result.

    Solar Power coming in second is … not surprising as I continue to stan it. Haters be damned! Also, I’m guessing Ella’s newfound

    is the sole reason Spotify described my musical aura as “supernatural”, ddd.

    Madonna continuing to reign supreme … What can I say? Every time she posts something problematic on Instagram (which is literally almost every time she posts, dddd), I feel like giving her the cold shoulder, but then she disrupts my peace by voguing bare-breasted at a Pride event and I’m pulled right back into her orbit.
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  6. My 2 main moods: depressed & confident.

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  7. How do you send your Top Songs playlist to someone without giving them a link to theirs?
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  8. Gags being my #1...can't wait for the hate sex with @RJF tonight
  9. I don't know but you could select all the songs and click 'create playlist' and then send them that.
  10. Also that Gaga pic... burn it!
  11. Mine doesn't even load, it's just a blank screen. The pinnacle of technology.
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    I know that’s right.
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  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Taylor at #1 on @RJF's list but missing my Top 5

  14. RJF


    Also, apparently Tinashe is the artist I binged the most... but I don't get how that is calculated. "Bouncin'" is sixth on my playlist though.
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  15. I assume it's based on how long you've listened to a single artist in a session. That just makes sense.
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  16. AF489391-25F2-4F7D-83E3-D2F6ABC3B3DA.png 55051F9D-C0EA-45EB-8809-4346626B44F3.png F3D9BDFA-4269-4070-9E87-8588D16F59AC.png AE3763EC-A6A3-47DA-B895-4FE1BC19AA71.png C0424D69-6B4C-4F6F-B696-FC32E7183E98.jpeg

    Here to do La Famille Française proud!
  17. Bouncin sisters <3

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  18. Well... all top five songs were by Miss YYY so I'll just share the artists.
  19. F2D21257-39A0-47A5-B4E6-3981E9B61BCA.jpeg A5009701-A50A-4803-96B1-433F86F18440.jpeg F425F15A-0CE0-4B57-998E-0F9335EBA05A.jpeg 99E81719-0BCD-4271-9C13-F2777721DBB9.jpeg 65FACBB4-4DC0-4F85-ACF0-611AAD3C540C.jpeg

    Not much of a surprise, but it felt like I played Something in Your Eyes much more than 224 times haha!
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