Spotify Wrapped 2021

There are some weird omissions, Thot Shit and Linda were on repeat all summer but didn't appear on mine, yet they are 45 and 67 on my lastfm.
Could it be because you switched listening to them from explicit to non-explicit or when they are in the singles section and later as part of the album.

In my 'On Repeat'playlist I sometimes have the same song twice (one from the singles section and than later from the album).

LAST FM correctly sees it as the same song whereas spotify somehow sees it two separate things apparently thus not combining the streams and leaving it out...
I was wondering why she wasn't in my top five, even though Pink Noise was my most played album. I just checked my top songs playlist and nothing there either.
Right! I just ranted at Spotify Cares because of this! I am not a fucking fool! So disappointing!

Anyway, added my Top 5 tracks, not added anything added before, maybe one of us should start a thread in Charts and Rates, asking for more submissions.
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Adding to the chorus of Laura Mvula being absent. The Dmitri in Paris remix of "Church Girl" made my Your Top Songs playlist, but nothing else from her. tells me that she was my 4th most played artist of the year and that the regular version of "Church Girl" was also my 4th most played song, so something must have gone wrong there with the data collation at Spotify's end. Poor Laura.
I contacted Spotify about the absence of Laura Mvula and Spotify have said to me - "The wrapped playlists will get updated again within the first week of December [...] wait for 2-3 days and you should be seeing the missing music"


Hmmm. I got a reply this afternoon GMT, with the same tosh 'we appreciate you sharing your thoughts'. Nothing about an update on my end.
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When do they start/stop tracking for the year? Some of the songs on my chart I feel I haven’t listened to in ages… but this year kind of flew by.
10/30 is the standard cut off, but there is some sort of formula that honors songs you binge in November.
A birdie told me it's mid Nov.
The official answer from their PR I got for a story I wrote is November 27th. The information is for Germany but I doubt others close significantly earlier then.