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Spotify Wrapped 2022

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Nov 11, 2022.

  1. Still hate that it’s not a full year. Maybe the locals switch to Christmas music completely or whatever but a ten month stat just doesn’t represent a year in music.
  2. The year of CRASH.

  3. I think you mean 2022's in BAD MODE, sis!
  4. Apple Music users are FLOPS
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  5. :(
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  6. It'll be Utada, Beyonce and Charli this year I think. Utada will take song, Beyonce will take album per my
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  7. Cheater!
  8. Renaissance and Midnights and not much else I feel
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  9. Every year I am at risk of Diana Vickers appearing in my Top 5
  10. Think it's going to be Charli, Rina, Self Esteem and a lot of Italo for me. CRASH really was the album for me this year.
  11. Ummm no? We have our 2022 list since the beginning of the year and also ours doesn’t include just 10 months as it gets updated weekly :)
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  12. Sorry Steve Jobs.
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  13. I track my music taste myself weekly but I still get such a BUZZ out of this every year
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  14. I discovered this a few months ago
    I fear that it's definitely made it into my top 10 because I listen to it during my gym warm-up most days ddd

    Renaissance also gets at least a daily play from me so I wouldn't be surprised if Beyoncé ends up dominating mine this year.
  15. It be interesting to see what I was listening a lot at the beginning of the year. Thinking Avril Lavigne being in there somewhere.
  16. I'm kind of scared of how my Spotify Wrapped is going to look like this year. I moved countries around April and I went through a depressing time in which all I would listen to were Argentine songs, especially from my favourite childhood TV programs since that brought me comfort. I also spent a crazy amount of time listening to my favourite Glee cast songs when I was not feeling so good.
    I'm not looking forward to see that my most played artists were Chiquititas, Teen Angels, Glee cast or RBD nn. I love my tradition of having Taylor at the top
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  17. In 2019 I worked with an older lady who would complain so much whenever I put on any type of modern music, that year mine was full of Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley ddd
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  18. This is going to be a very nothingy year for me. Charli and Shygirl to rule all, the rest I've nosedived in 2002 to avoid dealing with an increasingly incomprehensible style of music in 2022.
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  19. FLOP
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