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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Everything they've been doing is exuding big Facebook energy.
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  2. They really said lets fuck up our brand, goodwill and boost those metrics and engagement all for shareholder value. Rip.
  3. footie
  4. Welp. I've gotten the update.

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  5. I was living the naïve, blissful life until my desktop crashed and came back up with the update.
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  6. I actually find this more annoying now and in no way minded that the Popular Releases preview wasn't chronological cause... it was popular releases ddd.

    And I say this as someone whose Spotify was like that for literally months. It made sense for the first thing you saw to be popular releases and then you could expand the list to everything in chronological order. Streaming services are tailored on user consumption experiences, not how artists want their music to be displayed, to be frank.

    Now them splitting albums, EPs, compilations, etc. into their own lists just makes everything cumbersome. Albums and singles should be on one page, especially when some EPs are, for some reason, slotted under the singles section.

    Let alone the thing that there is a valid complaint for - that the Appears On section when expanded isn't chronological despite it being so in every other expanded view - IS STILL NOT FIXED ddd.
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  7. Everyone who hates this change please +1 my topic on the Spotify Forums so they consider fixing it.

    Even though i've done the trick to have the old version back, I want it fixed by the time they force me off it dd.
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  8. Showing playlists first, burying albums and singles, promoting podcasts, making the Play button minuscule and tine... do they even like music? It now looks like a music app designed by Anastacia.
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  9. Bop!
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  10. Why did you remind me of that.
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  11. I mean as in designed by Anastacia 'I hate pop music'.
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  12. The random lips.........
  13. Is it just me or it's really glitchy and difficult to move songs in playlists (further up in the playlist, drag songs from now playing into a list, etc)? It's not as smooth anymore.
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  14. Still hating the new desktop stuff. I hate having to do extra clicks for stuff that used to be just there.
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  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Playlist wise this does nothing hitting 'artist' radio doesn't, right?
  16. This!
    Why have they got rid of the up and down buttons? I'm finding it so difficult to look through my liked songs or any lists. It jumps down too far and then you try to nudge it back up but end back at the start. So frustrating. I've resorted to using the up and down arrow on the keyboard but it's so clunky.
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  17. I've been listening to so much less music since the update. Just having that extra layer of friction in between tasks on the desktop app makes things so.. shit. It's really impacted my experience and how I sort of navigate/explore around.
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  18. It's also bothering me that not every version of an album shows up in the discography list.
    For instance... There's a few versions of The Emancipation of Mimi... only the original shows up in the list, so you have to go searching for Don't Forget About Us or Making It Last All Night and when you find them it takes you to the Ultra Platinum edition. Stupid.
  19. RMK


    That isn't a Spotify issue, it's up to the artist on what to display. Sometimes artists also change what's available, but Spotify doesn't know to switch editions on curated playlists either.
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