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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Mine’s Dua as well.

    What a top 3!!!
  2. I got Dua as well, top 2%, and definitely thought the app was calling me gay also.

    1) Don’t Start Now
    2) Levitating
    3) Pretty Please

    Lizzo, Doja & Megan were my other 3 artists.
  3. 191h 14m of Dua Bopa! It's a popjustice that I am in the top 1%

    Also, the taste jumped out:
    1. Don't Start Now
    2. Physical
    3. Love Again

    Also in the top 1% of Selena. SCREAM.
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  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I still don't trust that I'm top 8% Gaga fan with 6 plays for my mostplayed song, and a total of 5 hours of listening to her?
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  5. Me.
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  6. I randomly got a side of Calvin Harris and Miley with my main of Gaga and Dua.
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  7. SMG


    381 hours of Ari, 282 hours of Taylor (all folklore/evermore no doubt), 157 hours of Dua and 161 hours of Gaga.

    Spotify really did call me a cig.
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  8. Top 2% for Taylor, Ariana and Beyoncé. Gay.
  9. Top 2% for Miley... Didn't even feel like I listened to her that much. Take from that what you will. 20210730_090841.jpg
  10. Reminds of last years finals when I wasn't in the 0,1 or 0,01 BUT 0,001% top fans of Mariah. I really played her non stop.
  11. Love the ‘what’s new’ feature that they added.
  12. I’m a top 5% Ariana fan!
  13. Top 1% for Ari & Selena. Now drag me.
  14. Clearly a load of bull shit.

    Screenshot_20210730-202459_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20210730-202452_Chrome.jpg
  15. %1 Taylor
    %1 Ariana
    %1 Demi
    %2 Dua
  16. Still not showing for me
  17. I got Lady Gaga... 1%... 297h 50m of listening... I've listened to Rain on Me the most (1199 plays).
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