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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Of all the "big" podcast apps I've used over the years, Spotify is by far the best; Apple Podcasts is garbage and Stitcher is even worse. I wouldn't be entirely opposed to podcasts getting their own separate Spotify app though
  2. They would probably be better off buying out a platform that's already popular like facebook and google do cause they're pretty late to the game and there's already hundreds of apps who provide that service.
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  3. All these. Podcasts have their audience (and I adored the @backstreetjoe ones recently) but don't force them on me while hiding my fav albums 3 clicks away. I pay for music, I want music.
  4. Basically this. The idea is good but the implementation is very messy. The homepage is infested with podcasts and you can barely find the music anymore. It's also incredibly frustrating that you can't unlike or hide a specific podcast from showing up.

    Maybe it's only me, but it seems like they've been rolling back to the old homepage layout and hierarchy. I'm getting 3 rows of music and then the podcasts.
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  5. RMK


    There are two brand updates that could really help Spotify, and one would be adding more artist exclusive content, videos and interviews like @lushLuck was saying. The second would be expanding the social aspect of their profiles. People actually love tossing around playlists and following friends, and taking advantage would be a great marketing tool. If a majority of someone's friends have some sort of chat function on Spotify for sharing music, the friend who doesn't will likely join. Spotify Wrapped helped carve a niche for that element.
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  6. Hmm, itunes ping was a disaster so I wonder if people want to do so. It needs to be very good.
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  7. Oh God the flashbacks this just gave me. This and the "vingle" truly encapsulate a Moment In Time
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    Researching Ping a bit more, what Spotify has that Apple didn't, even with their Apple Music Connect in 2015, is a focus on the user rather than the musician. Maybe instead of artist promotion and concert tours, it's about sharing music with in-app functions or just being able to leave reviews/comments.
  9. I do think they need to do more with profiles, not sure if adding a chat is it though?

    Here's a crazy idea. What if they did something similar to what does but have it directly on their platform? Instead of just having your Wrapped thingy once a year?
  10. I can already see the mess stans would make out of that function dd. No thank you.
  11. RMK


    iTunes reviews weren't always that bad (dd). Thinking of a BTS page is a literal nightmare, though.
    It's a tough spot because if they expand functions too much, a campaign like Wrapped won't pack the same punch for causal users.
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  12. It's interesting reading comments on here regarding how they've pushed podcasts because I've genuinely never noticed or felt like it was overtaking my music experience. Granted, I do listen to a few podcasts regularly, so I guess having them more integrated into my home screen just didn't really register with me. I do think those who have zero interest in podcasts should be able to drop them from their home screen, or at least lower them to prioritize playlists and new releases, etc. I feel like that's a simple solution.
  13. Probably cause stan culture wasn't as bad back when people used iTunes dd.

    I can already see the reviews filled with "Flopped!" etc.
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  14. I definitely remember troll stan reviews on iTunes.
  15. I absolutely agree with this. They should just buy off of Viacom and integrate it properly.

    I also say that because I live in a constant panic that they're just going to discontinue the in-built scrobbling function one of these days.
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  16. I thought about that as well but I also use when I listen to music locally and stuff so i'm afraid they would make it into a Spotify only thing if they did buy it I don't know.
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  17. I would haaaate more social stuff to be added to Spotify. stats would be great though. And perhaps something to let me tag songs and playlists to memorable occasions, dates or places?
  18. RJF


    If I end up having to pay for a new podcast service because you foul queers couldn’t be bothered scrolling a bit I will riot.
  19. Spotify's podcasts feature is fine if you're a more casual listener but I found it to be extremely annoying to use. I also hate that the home tab is now a chaotic mixture of music & podcasts. If they just added a "Podcasts" section that was a little more separate, I'd be less annoyed with it.

    I started using Pocket Casts because Apple's Podcast app is one of the worst applications I've ever used. I'm pretty happy with it. It's simple, full of features, and stays out of the way. PocketCasts Plus is also only $10 a year and for what they offer, it's more than worth it. If you're a heavy podcast listener, I'd recommend taking a look at that or one of the many other 3rd party apps. Its "Discover" section isn't great but I don't mind opening Apple Podcasts once every few months to find something new.
  20. The complaints about podcasts in this thread are… a bit extra. Just don’t play them?
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  21. Also recommend PocketCasts. I used to use the Apple Podcasts app until Apple ruined it beyond belief this year with the worst interface ever, so now I use the free version of PocketCasts and while it's not perfect, it's fine for keeping up with my subscriptions and sorting them in a handy list.

    I echo others that I hate how Spotify have integrated podcasts into the app. At least keep it separate from the music. The podcast interface is terrible too.
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