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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Just don't read them?
  2. Podcasts should have their own platform or, if they do have to stay on Spoty, as an afterthought. I'm on Spotify for the music, ladies.
  3. Yeah this isn't like going to Amazon to buy vinyl and seeing cat food or socks there too. If you pay for a music service, that alone should be provided. I'd maybe understand if the podcasts were say, a Charli XCX podcast about the same five Now 39 songs she mentions every week or a Doja Cat podcast about her album as an add onn to their pages but really Podcasts about Jam'ie or Gemma Collins should not be an option before Artists and Albums for paid subs, simple.

  4. Thank you. I, for one, am glad that podcasts are available on the same service/application i listen music too. It is one of the main features that is keeping me subscribed. A plus that they are neatly organized and keep me updated on the new episodes.
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  5. Can they stay neatly organised eirther as an option or not before albums / artists? That's all we ask.
  6. I am often listening podcasts and they never came first on my search bar when i search music related stuff unless i click on the "podcasts" tag. And main page is mostly organised based on the stuff the user listens plus most listened playlists / podcasts which is classic algorithm working on the background.
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  7. Do you use iOS or Android?
  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    The one thing I enjoy about podcasts on Spotify as it is right now is that even though I'm not a paying user I can listen to hours of them without even getting one advert. Not sure what will happen to that once they make a seperate app of it?
  9. I've only ever listened to one podcast yet they're the first thing listed on my Homepage ('Shows You Might Like') and Podcasts are first after Playlists on my 'Your Library' (and then Artists / Albums). Albums are my most listened to category (as my current playlists are on the left column) so to have it last is an annoyance.
  10. IOS.

    Podcasts availability to free listening (and implementing advertisements) are mostly dependent on the creators rather than streaming services (asfaik).
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  11. Yeah well, every user has different version of the app depending on the tests they’re doing. My homepage doesn’t have a Podcast tag and I’m bombarded by them through out the page and take priority over the music.

    I like and enjoy podcasts and it’s good that they’re available but the implementation they’re doing is very offensive so hopefully we all get the version of the homepage that you have.
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  12. I listen to 2 podcasts regularly and don't mind them being in Spotify because of that, I don't want a separate app just for 2 shows. However, Spotify is a mess. I absolutely hate hate hate the layout and how's it's organised.
    A big pet peeve is the way daily mixes and the discover new music mixes are now shoved right at the bottom of the made for you section with stuff like Artist/Genre/Decade mixes coming first.
    The homepage is just crap as well. I don't want a million things recommended to me first before things I'm actually interested in.
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  13. Let's see how this works...

    Get Perfect Song Recommendations in the Playlists You Create with Enhance
    September 9, 2021

    Avid playlist creators know: Some playlists come together without a hitch. With others, though, it may prove more difficult to find tracks that fit the tone or mood—or you might be looking to broaden your horizons and add new songs and artists. For those listeners who need some assistance while adding tracks to a new or existing playlist, we’re introducing Enhance.

    Starting today, Spotify is rolling out Enhance, a new feature for Spotify Premium users to easily add personalized recommendations to their playlists.


    Enhance brings together the best of you and Spotify, providing you with personalized recommendations to create playlists with ease while keeping you in control through an easy-to-navigate design. Simply turn these recommendations on or off with the tap of a button. And once Enhance is on, you’ll see your playlist populated with suggested songs that match the others in your playlist.

    Throughout it all, you stay in control of what gets added. Here’s how it works:
    1. Simply toggle the feature on and off by tapping the new “Enhance” button at the top of each playlist.
    2. Recommendations woven into the track list will then appear. You’ll get one recommendation after every two tracks, for a max of 30 recommendations.
    3. If you like what you see, press the “+” icon next to each new track to permanently add them to the playlist.
    4. It’s an addition, not a substitution: The songs you add will never be replaced, and you can turn Enhance off with a simple tap.
    Over the next month, Enhance will be rolling out to all Premium users in select markets* across Android and iOS. Additional markets are expected to follow in the coming months.

    With Enhance, we’re helping our listeners do more of what they love: curate their playlists with great recommendations. Enhance will continue to evolve as we learn more, so stay tuned for those updates down the road.
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  14. I’ve already had this for a couple of weeks now. It’s actually pretty accurate but also very focused on the genre of the songs you already have in the playlist.
  15. Doesn't this basically serve the exact same function as the "recommended" section that appears under every playlist you make?
  16. The difference is that it adds them automatically in the playlist and you can turn it off whenever you want and go back your initial selection. It’s great if you have a playlist you like and you want to extend it for a long drive or party etc …
  17. I tried this with my gym playlist and it added T*drick Hall.

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  18. I'm gonna have to pass on that one. I already find the recommended section that you can no longer hide annoying. Very rarely do I ever like or add any of their recs.
  19. RMK


    It's definitely good for casual listeners who aren't like us, and don't have a goal when they go on Spotify.
  20. Their recommendations are genuinely offensive. For all their investment in natural language processing, their AI/ML isn't very bright.

    I just looked up more details, and apparently they train their models on text data of how people describe music. That's a big and obvious red flag. Depending on how good their training dataset is (I imagine it's decidedly not good given the recommendations we get), they're more or less making recommendations based on how people (i.e. middle America probably) stereotype (for lack of a better word) music. So the Todrick Hall recommendation and all the drag music I get makes complete sense.
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