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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. This might just be a personal pet peeve but what I find the most annoying is say i'll make a playlist of my favourite songs from a couple artists. Instead of recommending me similar artists or songs it will just recommend the same artists I already included but all the songs from the album I didn't include or other songs from their discography... It's like yes I am familiar with these songs and I specifically did not include them for a reason. It's just so useless.
  2. Same nn. Even when the songs are from a specific time period or genre. It's like, you have these other clear variables (year/decade, genre) to use, so why aren't you?

    I don't know. I've been thinking of making the switch to Apple for these exact reasons, but I'm not sure if they're any better. Really only TikTok slays the algorithm game. Though that's both satisfying and scary.
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  3. I was working out when I remembered this.......... Spotify really called me a faggot, huh

  4. Image if we could feed Spotify our posting history and that be the basis of the algorithm. Some of the posts don't line up with what some would actually listen to!
  5. I have a question…I often get recommended (or even search out myself) playlists made by Spotify that might be mood related, or decade related or whatever, and in most cases they are mostly female artists, even if that isn’t the theme of the playlist. Is this playlists appearing differently to me because it knows I listen to 99% female artists? Or are they showing me ones that they know I’ll like (even when I’m searching)?
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  6. They've launched additional personalised playlists a few months ago that are basically more expansive version of the standard Daily Mixes. You can see all of them in the Made For You tab in the search page.
  7. Yeah, but I mean when I’ve gone to actively search out like “90s Hits” or “Dinner” or whatever generic stuff in the search bar I often come back with results full of mostly female artists.
  8. Talent is mostly female, I fear. I don't think they can change the generic playlists based on the user's taste.
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  9. The "All out decades" playlists are definitely different for each user, I don't know if they base it on your taste.
    I think there were a couple more like that.
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  10. Survey on the app with some ~hypothetical features they are gauging interest on:


    Personal stats was CLICKED honey
  11. HIFI!!! Come the fuck on!
  12. I'm here for HIFI, Karaoke, Stats!!!
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  13. Peter's to-do list in 2010:
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  14. RMK


    Definitely personalized stats. Hopefully they get a move on with Hi-Fi. The year is almost over.
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  15. How do we find this survey? Also where do y'all see HIFI?
  16. RMK


    Does this warrant a new thread? Seems potentially huge.

    Apparently it would operate under similar ways of NFTs, and give artists more money.
  17. Pfff another Tidal?
  18. Dd not only is it giving Tidal 2.0 but haven't they heard? Youths despise NFTs. Good luck being a "Spotify Killer" when you don't have them on your side.
  19. Yes.

  20. RJF


    Well, it would appear podcasts are currently down on Spotify so I guess y'all won!
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