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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Me: *has never clicked on a single podcast on Spotify*

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  2. Don’t know what is going on with Spotify this week.

    three tracks in my release radar this week that clearly don’t feature the artists stated??

    Alexandra Burke???

    Atomic Kitten???

    All Saints???
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  3. Wrapped 2020's cut off date was mid-November. Trailing near the bottom of mine was Annie Lennox's version of Dido's Lament which was released 9th Nov 2020. I must have listened the hell out of it in the space of a few days!
  4. That and also I think they try to include most played songs from all weeks. So if you played a song 100 times in november and then your most played song was 15 times in August, they'd both make the list even if there were songs with more plays in other months.
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  5. So not only are podcasts being shoved at us, we can look forward to audiobook spamming going forward. They really are trying to be everything to all people...

    It seems authors aren't too impressed with the pennies they will get per listen either.
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  6. I just read this comparison of the complaints. When you are in the supermarket do you also complain about meat being there if you are a vegetarian, or things being there you do not buy? Kinda made sense.
  7. When you only enter a store for vegan food but you're bombarded with rows and rows and rows of meat - and that is after signing up when the store was vegan-only, it is a problem.
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  8. The problem with the comparison is that Spotify isn’t a supermarket.
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  9. My Spotify has started doing something new over the past week or so. Usually, when you select a specific album to play, it will play it from beginning to end and that will be it - that's all that's in the queue. But now, when the album ends, it will start randomly playing a bunch of other songs, either from the same artist or other artists you usually listen to. You go to the queue and there is a list of around 50 songs coming up out of nowhere.

    Anyone else having this?

    I mean it's generally fine because it looks like the selections are based on stuff you'll like anyway. But I sometimes want to just play a specific album and nothing else (unless I proactively add to the queue), especially if I'm going to sleep to a particular record playing. Also, there are times when you can leave the room/house with an album playing because it's the last couple of songs and it'll stop itself soon enough. But now you have to make sure you turn it off otherwise it will just keep going endlessly.
  10. You can turn that off in the settings i'm pretty sure.
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  11. Go to Settings, Playback, and turn off Autoplay
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  12. Thanks both! Strange that it seems to have done that of its own accord out of nowhere...

    EDIT: Just checked and my autoplay was already off and still is! How weird. If anyone comes across a solution please do let me know..
  13. The very same happened to me yesterday so I have no idea why/how dd. The good news for me was that while browsing through the settings in order to turn off the Autoplay, I noticed that I could finally access the local files on my phone.
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  14. Maybe it's one of their infamous test features where they remove the option to turn it off. Wouldn't surprise me.

    Just like when you had the option to hide the recommended tracks at the end your playlists then one day you couldn't hide them anymore.
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  15. I want 'delete tracks off an album' back.
  16. Was that different from Hide Song? I still have that.
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  17. Somehow I didn’t even realise this had been added, I can finally get rid of any unwanted remixes that get tacked on at the end of albums.
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  18. I-
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