My Spotify has started doing something new over the past week or so. Usually, when you select a specific album to play, it will play it from beginning to end and that will be it - that's all that's in the queue. But now, when the album ends, it will start randomly playing a bunch of other songs, either from the same artist or other artists you usually listen to. You go to the queue and there is a list of around 50 songs coming up out of nowhere.
If you’re listening on a connected device that might be to do with this:
I don't listen to ready playlists, I only listen to NMF every week dd.
Hide song is only on mobile right?
Cause I do all my album listening via desktop and the feature isn't there (I'd like to delete interludes or songs I hate from otherwise flawless albums).
Yes its only mobile but necessary in New Music Friday too sometimes.
The desktop app remains terrible. Y'all have gigabytes of data on my listening habits over five years and you still think I'm interested in football podcasts and running playlists, and still show me an album I listened to barely once six months ago at the top of my homepage and give me no option to get rid of it? It's so hateful.
I wouldn't mind being bombarded with podcasts so much if at least the recommendations were music-related, but opening my Home screen to this...



I mean two of the three are music related no comment on Boy Talk.

Yeah, I don't mind seeing like Charli's or Shirley Manson's podcasts show up, even if I'm not going to listen to them, but seeing that Boy Talk thumbnail always makes me cringe. Like, I have no idea who this person is, and I have no idea why Spotify thinks I'd want to listen to his podcast, other than the algorithm clocking homosexuality based on my listening habits.
My podcast recommendations are very firmly placed at the intersection of horror cinema and LGBT+ identities for the most part.

Bagsy AnthropoFAGus for if I ever decide to make a podcast.