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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. How do you guys even listen to Top Hits or something without removing Ed and all the trash there?
  2. RMK


    Top Hits is for people who aren't us.
  3. I don't listen to ready playlists, I only listen to NMF every week dd.
    Hide song is only on mobile right?
    Cause I do all my album listening via desktop and the feature isn't there (I'd like to delete interludes or songs I hate from otherwise flawless albums).
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  4. If you’re listening on a connected device that might be to do with this:
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  5. Yes its only mobile but necessary in New Music Friday too sometimes.
  6. The desktop app remains terrible. Y'all have gigabytes of data on my listening habits over five years and you still think I'm interested in football podcasts and running playlists, and still show me an album I listened to barely once six months ago at the top of my homepage and give me no option to get rid of it? It's so hateful.
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  7. I think that's exactly what it is! Thanks for the link. How frustrating though - they can have that feature by all means, and anyone who likes it can adjust their settings accordingly, but to force it on everyone with no option to turn it off is just annoying.
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  8. Rob


    Is there a way to optimise your playlists to play songs you've heard less? My gym playlist has about 400 delicious fag bops on it but the same 100 seem to constantly repeat.
  9. I wouldn't mind being bombarded with podcasts so much if at least the recommendations were music-related, but opening my Home screen to this...



  10. I mean two of the three are music related no comment on Boy Talk.
  11. That boy talk one haunts me too
  12. Yeah, I don't mind seeing like Charli's or Shirley Manson's podcasts show up, even if I'm not going to listen to them, but seeing that Boy Talk thumbnail always makes me cringe. Like, I have no idea who this person is, and I have no idea why Spotify thinks I'd want to listen to his podcast, other than the algorithm clocking homosexuality based on my listening habits.
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  13. Not "Degrade Me." Electric chair!
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  14. They're pushing it so hard dd. It's giving

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  15. My podcast recommendations are very firmly placed at the intersection of horror cinema and LGBT+ identities for the most part.

    Bagsy AnthropoFAGus for if I ever decide to make a podcast.
  16. This is my only real complaint about Spotify. My workout playlist is nearly 90 hours long, and I only play it on shuffle, and yet, nearly the same songs play every single time.
  17. Me @ Spotify

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  18. That Boy Talk thumbnail is giving Popjustice user using their Grindr profile pic as their avatar and only posts in Kylie and Steps threads… burn it.
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  19. Anyone else’s app being particularly glitchy this morning? It keeps booting me off after about 30 seconds into playing a track, and the lyrics feed section refuses to load at all.
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  20. So cute that he's using my subscription money and my fave's royalties to pump into the military industrial complex and the inevitable death of innocent civilians somewhere along the line xx

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