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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Yes mine too, though it worked fine on the tube without wifi or 4G when I downloaded the songs.
  2. Yeah, same for me.
  3. The app randomly shuts off today? Adele killing everything before official release already, iconic.
  4. Not working for me at all. This needs… fixing.
  5. So they launched the lyrics feature today. It's a nice little feature I guess, but having the lyrics cover nearly the whole screen is a bit of a weird choice, at least on PC. Just checking the lyrics on Genius seems a lot more practical to me nn
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  6. I swear they had a lyrics feature before and then they removed it. So more like a relaunch.

    I've never seen a company go back and forth this much with features and design.
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  7. Thought I was in the Pokémon thread reading this.
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  8. These false artist tags are ruining my 'Release Radar' playlist every week. Are Spotify doing anything about it? Surely there must be a way to verify if the artist is actually on the track before it gets made public?
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  9. RMK


    I.. Honestly don't see it as the biggest deal? If anything, it'll just encourage the general public to recognize albums how they were intended, and create a divide between curated playlists and projects.
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  10. Solidarity.


    I’m sure there’s not, but just in case… is there any way to get rid of the Discover tab, which starts blasting music the second your fat fingers overshoot the Home tab?
  11. I don't get it? When was shuffle ever the default option? Unless they're talking how mobile freemium users have to listen to everything on shuffle in which case this would be a good thing to remove?
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  12. This is the dumbest shit ever. Just play the first track of the album and turn shuffle off?????? What in no comprehension
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  13. Shuffle was automatic if I pressed the big green play button on an album page, but not if I just played the first track on the album. I think removing automatic shuffle is a good thing nn
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  14. Correct. I never understood the point. If you want to play it on shuffle, just throw it on a playlist.
  15. Or go in to the first song and then turn in shuffle.

    I’m here for it. It was weird that it defaulted in the first place.
  16. I think only playlists have the "play shuffle" button, while albums have the plain play one (unless they literally just changed it and I never noticed? ññ).

    , if you're shuffling a playlist and go to an album and hit play, it'll keep on shuffling the tracks as well (at least on desktop). I think the app just goes on doing what you were doing until you switch the shuffle button off or something.

    This is a bit of a non-issue though. You can still add the album onto a playlist and shuffle that so pffff
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