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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Yep, ditto. This isn’t about whether it’s easy/not easy to turn on/off shuffle. It’s about the optics, and I think it makes a lot of sense. An album <> a playlist.
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  2. It would be simple to add a VERIFY THIS IS YOU button on Spotify for Artists which means that until the artist/their team confirms that they feature on a track then the cross-linking won't go live. So that implies that Spotify are quite happy with fake artist tags generating plays.
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  3. Dddddd I have no issue at all with this Shuffle button change, but what I generally really don't need in my life is artists making product decisions for an app I use daily based on personal whims as part of their promo tour.
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  4. She didn't make the decision beb, she's not Spotify CTO. She asked for it and they went with it. It's not like she was about to withhold the album if they said no!
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  5. I mean, the tea is it should be artists making the decisions on how these terrible capitalist shitheap services present and utilise their labour that they're barely getting compensated for in the first place.

    If it takes Adele or Taylor throwing their weight around to kick up a fuss about whatever, I really don't mind - because companies like Spotify have shown time and time again that they don't value or understand the way artists create work.
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  6. Apple devalued albums the moment they allowed individual track purchases on iTunes, so it's not like Spotify were the original bad guy by letting shuffle become the default.
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  7. I mean, this is true in general, but in this specific instance the only change was the removal of a feature, so I'm not really sure how it benefits anyone? People have always been able to play albums on shuffle, whether it was with a CD player, a MP3 player, etc, so I'm not sure why that shouldn't be an option on streaming services. It's not even something I ever did, but it's a bit weird artists/labels/Spotify should get to dictate how people listen to albums.
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  8. They’re literally not though? All they’ve done is made it so pressing the biggest and most obvious play button doesn’t unintuitively start shuffle mode. Which is how it should be anyway. Opt in to shuffle.
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  9. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I never saw shuffle as the default play button. The default play button would be…selecting the first song on the album. Shuffle only turns on at that point if you already have it on. The “play on shuffle” button at the top was a quick way to shuffle an album and my preferred method of doing so. The play button is redundant and honestly kind of ugly on the UI (which was still the case before but I digress). If this change is going to stick they surely should add a “Shuffle” option on the ellipsis screen.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Okay now I get what happened. I'm a couple updates behind on mobile so I never saw that big green button as the "default" I just saw it as the shuffle button which I only clicked on when I wanted to shuffle. The default for me like you said would be to click on the first song and play the album in order.

    But I see in this image that they've changed the "shuffle play" button with just a play icon with a tiny shuffle icon on it and I can see how that would confuse people. I don't get why they couldn't simply have 2 buttons? One play and one shuffle. That's what every other app does.
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  11. Is the "Wrapped" deadline still 10/31? I've hammered so many other songs since then..
  12. This feels well-intentioned but knowing how to sing or produce doesn't also grant someone the learned knowledge and experience in building UI/UX systems! ddd

    As has always been the issue with the commodification of music, the user is the consumer, not the creator. There is no music industry without listeners. So the listeners themselves have to be prioritized by those who craft the UI and services just as much, if not more, than the people selling the product.
  13. Well in Spotify's case they don't listen to the consumers or the musicians dd! Except Adele now apparently. (And Kendrick Lamar...yes I still have a bad taste in my mouth about that situation).
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  14. Yes, I think it’s 10/31. I got a notification when I opened the app today that Wappred 2021 is coming very soon.
  15. Is anyone completely unable to log onto Spotify via desktop or web app even after resetting your password? Thankfully I can still log in on mobile through that email login link they send you, but I'm completely locked out of it on all other platforms. I have no idea what to do.
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  17. I've read that it's always 10/31, but last year a lot of songs from Kylie's DISCO (released 11/6) showed up on my list after I played them all November, so there must be some further carryover.
  18. Yeah, Touch by Little Mix was released mid November in 2016 and that ended up becoming my most played song for that year (and 2017 as well).
  19. RMK


    I’d imagine Wrapped is coming this week if last year is anything to go by.
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