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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Mvnl

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    Doesn't work on mobile.
    What does work is starting it on your computer, than just continuing it on your mobile
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  2. I was today years old when I learnt about this feature and I find it very useful, 'cause I organise my playlists in folders.

    Watch it be a glitch.
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    If it's a glitch it's one that's been around for quite a while!
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  4. Just an update on the issue of Spotify autoplaying a bunch of other random stuff after your chosen album ends (even if you have autoplay turned off): they have now fixed the issue on the latest version of the desktop app, thank god.

    So if you switch it off in Settings from there it actually works (I've just tried it with a couple of albums and it's only the actual album in the queue rather than a list of endless music), and it also applies for connected devices.

    Apparently they are looking into making this available on the mobile app as well, but at least we have one workaround for now. It was really beginning to annoy me even more in recent weeks.
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  5. Does this apply to the web player as well?
  6. I'm not sure, I'm afraid. I haven't seen any mention of it...
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  7. Question for the new year: how do you folks organise your music libraries on Spotify? I’ve made the transition from Apple Music after jumping between the two and it’s got to be my main gripe with Spotify, so need some tips!
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  8. Why does Apple allow for better organization?

    I've attempted to organize my playlists with folders and stuff but it's an impossible task for me personally because i'm always creating these random ass playlists on the fly.

    Some of my organized folders though are:
    Genre Playlists
    Themed Playlists
    Decades Playlists
    Artist Discographies
    Artist Radios

    Also I know some people like to do monthly playlists of their favourite releases every month.
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  9. RMK


    Apple really stole Spotify's "HIFI coming in 2021!" idea
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  10. Thank you! Love the discography and decade ideas, will give them a go and get some folders in order.

    For me, I liked how Apple Music allowed you to view all your saved music by album and artist, but then the interface is a bit clunkier than Spotify's. If someone could just mash up the best bits from the two platforms that would be great!
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  11. How do you name a Spotify folder? I'm trying the same way as I name a playlist, but it doesn't seem to work.
  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Hmm you should be able to just right-click it in the menu and rename it?
  13. Thanks I thought so too, but it doesn't seem to work. Maybe it's a bug or something. I will update and try again.
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  14. Yeah probably a bug on whatever platform you're using. If you don't want to update try the web app it seems to be working fine on there.
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. Guys, I need your help with something weird.

    So, I know some songs / albums are not available in some countries. I live in Cyprus and i.e. Sophie Ellis-Bextor's ''Make a Scene'' album is not available on her page or when you search for it.

    But a few days ago I found this album in the ''Album Picks'' category in Spotify Home (with only the singles available and playable, mind you). Still, I can't find it on Sophie's page.

    Anyone knows what this is and if there's a way of finding this ''hidden'' songs?
  18. Have you tried searching for "Make a Scene" in the search bar and scrolling through the options? Sometimes albums aren't available on an artist's page but can be searched for so when that happens I search by album title.
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  19. It might also be worth checking for fan playlists that are likely to include the songs you are looking for, so at least you will see if they show as available or in grey.

    In that example it sounds like the album itself is not available, but Spotify is linking other versions of the singles released via compilations or any other way.
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