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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. I did and it doesn't come up.

    I did. The singles from ''Make a Scene'' are available or her ''Songs from the Kitchen Disco'' but what I found on Album Picks was the album with the right cover etc and the rest of the songs greyed out.
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  2. The same file appears on Spotify with various covers if it's the exact same file - if that makes sense. Like, say, you can add Vogue by Madonna on a playlist and during one day it can show the CD single cover, a day later it can play with the Immaculate Collection, then switch back to single artwork and a few plays later it can have the I'm Breathless cover tile playing. I'm only using Vogue as an example (because that song has various remixes on various albums).
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  3. You can do this in the web browser if you have an ad-blocker and/or Stylish. I just had an "Episodes for You" section appear, and I zeefed it by adding a uBlock Origin rule to block: ##[aria-label="Episodes for you"]

    If for some reason you don't have an ad-blocker but do have Stylish, add the following rule for [aria-label="Episodes for you"] { display: none; }

    I assume the same method works for other sections, just replace the label string.
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  4. WHEN are we getting Spotify Hi-fi? Camaaan.
  5. They updated their support site to say that they ‘don’t have a specific timeline yet for the launch’. I think they got surprised by Apple and Amazon offering Hi-Fi and Atmos at no extra cost while they had plans to make customers pay more which stalled the whole rollout.
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  6. I live in the U.S. and this happens to me sometimes with albums that aren't available here, like Sugababes' Three and Change. It's like the algorithm for the "Album Picks" can't recognize if an album is not available in the user's country, which feels like a glitch or oversight.

    If you ever want to find an album that's not available - you can google the artist and title with Spotify ("Sophie Ellis-Bextor Make A Scene Spotify") and even if it's not available in your country it will usually come up. You won't be able to play any songs that aren't already available, but you can add the hidden album to your library. (I've also done this same type of search to get HQ artwork - you can access the jpg of the cover in Google Images.)
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  7. What a wild ride.
  8. This was always going to happen but it’s sad to see. I wonder what would happen if a bigger artist made the same threat. What exactly has Joe Rogan said about the vaccine? In my head he’s always the douchebag who plays Devil’s Advocate and asks questions more than airs his own views, but I’m not an embarrassing crypto bro so I’ve never actually listened to his podcast.

  9. I dont even know who the man is but Spotify want to die on this hill?
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  10. We stan Neil Young.
    Spotify threw $100 million to Rogan so... concequences.
  11. Is there any meaningful way beyond cancelling my subscription?
  12. Spotify's response to Neil Young asking for his music to be removed if they don't stop spreading COVID misinformation basically amounting to "ok whatever lol", and his music being gone just two days after the letter was first posted... We put up with a lot of crap from Spotify, but this must be a new low.
  13. As a podcast enjoyer for over a decade now I am so glad I never felt any need to listen to Joe Rogan or his podcast, and everything I know about both I have learned against my will.

    Good for Neil on sticking to his principles - he's got a reputation as a Grumpy Old Man but I respect the strength of his convictions
  14. Joe Rogan being popular really exposes how rotten straight men's brains are
  15. Come through Neil. We love a vintage pop girl with ethics and morals!

    I hope this opens a few more people's eyes about this stupid fucking company.
  16. I kid you not, I hate Apple Music with a passion and am a long-time fully invested Spotify user. But Spotify shrugging off losing a - whether I am a personally a fan or not - music legend's full library in favor of a vile bro podcast brought me to the brink of jumping ship for the first time.
  17. I think it’s time to cancel my Spotify unfortunately. I only moved to Spotify from Deezer recently enough and that was a huge hassle in itself but I don’t feel comfortable paying money to a company that promotes Joe Rogan.

    I’ve actually listened to a few of his podcasts (know your enemy etc.) and when he stays out of politics and interviews like a mountain climber or something he’s fine, but the majority of his takes are so harmful. Between racism and sexism and climate change denial and anti-vaxx nonsense I can’t keep up.

    Anyone know of an easy and reliable way to transfer music and playlists to Apple Music?
  18. I think Spotify invested so much money into Rogan that they have no choice nn. I can’t believe the amount of money they gave him & Call Her Daddy. Their business model seems like a train wreck.
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