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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. It's pretty simple, just download an app called SongShift. It will transfer everything to Apple Music and most streaming services.
  2. I'm also a huge Spotify ride or die but I'm like... this and Dolby over at Apple.
  3. RJF


    I fully support the stance that Neil Young has taken and Joe Rogan is beyond awful... but I also feel like trading one monopolising, artist-shafting platform for a different monopolising, artist-shafting platform in Apple Music that has simply been less reprehensible this week is a bit like... okay... work.
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  4. I still use both (Spotify is a free perk at the company I work for and I pay for Apple Music) and it's pretty shocking how poor these apps are considering the amount of users they have and industry support. I hate how we have to wait a year to get any sort of updates on Apple Music and on the flip side, it's annoying how frequently Spotify messes with the app and ruins features that were perfectly fine.
  5. Sorry, but I don't support Neil Young with this, can't say I've ever heard of Joe Rogan, but I really don't want streaming platforms to start censoring their content.
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  6. True, and also why in a week I will probably still be using Spotify with gnashing teeth. On the other hand, it's not like there is a defined "correct" point where to jump ship, so if this is the last straw for someone I'm not gonna blame them.
  7. I mean, unless I missed something I don't think anything is being censored. Neil asked for his music to be removed if Spotify wouldn't part ways with Joe Rogan, and they weren't willing to do so, thus Neil's music is being pulled as he asked.
  8. There's a difference between censorship and not allowing people to use your platform to actively spread vaccine misinformation to millions of people.
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  9. Some things need to be censored.
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  10. Ok, well that's fair enough
  11. I personally think it’s the egregious amount of money and promotion they give Joe Rogan, rather than just that his podcast is on the platform uncensored. It’s really souring when you consider the pennies given to the artists that attracted Spotify’s huge subscriber base from the beginning. But yeah at the end of the day what streamer can you ethically give your money to?
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  12. Imagine going this hard for the former host of Fear Factor, these former tv show hosts need to all choke on their grift.
  13. This is why I will always enjoy my freemium with ad block + hacked free premium on my phone guilt free.
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  14. So that's where he's from. I knew he was like an early-00s TV person but never knew (or more likely, never remembered) what show.

    I saw a clip from the pilot of Pyramid with Donny Osmond (the 00s syndicated version) that was him and Jenny McCarthy and I just about choked. Thank God they ended up with mostly decent "celebrities" like Kathy Najimy and Ed Begley, Jr. Wow, that's certainly a sentence I just wrote.

    Yeah! It's the tolerance paradox.
  15. RMK


    Yeah, I don't really think moving over to apple makes any sense. They're just draining any chance for an affordable music startup, and all these huge corporations have a lot to hide. The investment made with Joe Rogan is huge, and we'll see how they handle it. This was bound to make waves and it's confusing from a pr standpoint?
  16. The thing with Joe Rogan is, didn't they already censor some of his older episodes ? Like I'm pretty sure some of them aren't even on Spotify.

    Edit - here's a source
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  17. Obviously Joe Rogan is trash, but they also can't let artists blackmail them. They made their choice to give him an exclusive podcast (this is not new news...) and he has the right to pull his music. Good for him. But I don't consider this a new low (or really think that we "put up with a lot of crap from Spotify", teebs). They were never gonna cancel the world's most popular podcast just because a pissed off artist demanded it.
  18. I'm not saying they should have cancelled Joe Rogan's podcast (I mean, as far as I'm concerned they should just cancel all podcasts, or at least move them to a different platform, but that's besides the point), but they could have at least tried to reach some sort of middle-ground instead of so easily and swiftly removing an important artist's work from the platform over a valid concern like that.
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  19. I mean, he literally asked them to remove the music while that podcast is on. What middle ground is there?!
  20. Yeah, I'm not sure what compromise was to be expected. Joe ain't gonna stop Roganing.
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