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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. It is the display / showcase for which songs are popular now; new as in 'newly popular'. That was a not new for being new / recently released songs. I could have worded it better tho!
  2. Is that an unreleased remix verse?

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  3. Y'all's prayers have been heard. The obsessive Podcast promo will stop.

    It will be replaced by Spotify Live / Greenroom, which is the Spotify copy of Clubhouse. source
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  4. RMK


    I think I... like it better? Not sure if I'm understanding Greenroom entirely, but it sounds like artists I follow or stream can host live chats. Seems like where they're moving with the "experience" playlists anyway.
  5. All these services copying each others features but it’s never the good ones djjfkdks. I’m somewhat interested in Spotify’s approach to this though because a vehicle for artists to chat with fans logically makes sense. Either that or it’s their Fleets era.
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  6. All of my faves hate their fanbases/being a popstar so they won't be participating in whatever that is dddd.
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    Some info and numbers.

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  8. These Deserved/Obsessed playlists are the best thing Spotify's done in years.
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  9. Mr.Arroz

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    That fine print


  10. Nothing particularly new, but fun to see it worked for a #1 position.

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  11. They’ve grown quite a bit this quarter, only missing their target because of the withdrawal from Russia.
  12. So they finally gave us back the ability to see all of an artists discography on one page, instead of separating Albums and Singles/EPs on different pages.

    BUT instead of putting it back how it used to be, with all albums listed first, then Singles/EPs underneath. Now it's all just sorted by release date. Which makes it a lot messier, they literally can't do anything right dd. But whatever i'll take it.
  13. Just realised I'm not seeing any podcasts on my home screen anymore


    (they're still there, but you now have to scroll down a bit to get to them, which is fine and a whole lot less intrusive than it was before.)
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  14. Yeah I realised that about a month or two ago. A win!
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  15. The 12 Hour White Noise Machine that I listen to for going to sleep single-handedly keeping the podcast section atop my home screen

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  16. I hate the social features on Spotify. I couldn’t care less about what other people are listening to. Nor do I care for them to know what I listen to.
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  17. The Blends are fun. I have about 10 with friends and it's like whiplash sometimes to listen to them with differing tastes. Then you have others who listen to mostly the same and that's even better.
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  18. Yes, I have one with my boyfriend and it's very useful for when we are together at home. I wish we had the option to customize or at least delete some songs though.
  19. I miss being able to send songs to friends within the app. Yes it is not that hard to share via iMessage or WhatsApp,
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