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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Jam!
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  2. I like to look at the Daily Mixes to see what sort of categories it puts my listening into.

    This is more or less what it's given me today...

    1. Obscure-ish but not really PJSC alumni type acts
    2. Stuff they play on Radio Disney
    3. A lot of vaguely PC Music sounding popstars
    4. Everyone is K-pop
    5. Everyone is Scandipop
    6. Dance-pop DJs and their featured vocalists

    How about y'all?
  3. After sorting through all the mess I have to say these two are real gems:

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  4. Has anyone else noticed that the repeat/loop icon is back on the main screen now?
    So happy.
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  5. I don’t know if it’s their algorithm getting better or because I’ve been streaming for several years now but the suggested arists, Daily Mixes etc. have been so much better for me recently.
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  6. The optics are horrible for Spotify, by suing to reduce royalties to artists who produce the content its entire platform depends on.

    Why should artists be subsidising and compensating for Spotify's business model ?

    On the flip side you look at something like Apple Music, which is also being run at a loss, but they can afford to take the hit here, due to their massive cash reserves.

    The end result being a music streaming 'market' with zero competition because Spotify has had to bow out, which would be really sad as they offer a much better experience and much needed innovation.
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  7. Is there a way to filter whiny male vocals out? I can't with NMF every week and every two songs a whiney beanie hat is singing in the same 'am fRaGiLe, pls' voice, I do not want.
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  8. Compile a NMF list for everyone but white hetero people challenge.
    Do that challenge Spotify.
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  9. Block as you go?
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  10. Years ago, I added my whole iTunes library to Spotify. I've had it intact since about 2001, so it brought over my Christian pop/rock (Spinning Around still slaps), the U2 and Pearl Jam CD's I ripped from my sister, Michael Buble...

    I finally just unliked all of those artists and Spotify has gone from a 10 to a 12.

    Final vestiges of the closet BANISHED.

    Bops to SONICFLOOd...
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  12. Electric chair.
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  13. Girls, if an artist meets up with Spotify to play them their new album, does that mean a release is imminent?
  14. It means they are extra keen to be included on all the right playlists.

    (But also: who?)
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  15. Maluma. Kii,
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  16. ...this changed my life. The organization!!!
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  17. I'm not sure how to redeem the code to get it though?

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