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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Hopefully it becomes widely available soon! I just updated both apps and it didn’t work for me.
  2. I've been a spotify member for years and will be in the foreseeable future (I did try to switch to Apple Music but the iTunes client is unusable on my end with Windows 10 and I don't own an iPhone so it just isn't Ideal) but it sure is difficult sometimes.

    It isn't a feature that seems to be available anywhere outside of the actual iTunes client (not sure about Apple Music apps) but an album shuffle would really be nice.

    Glad to see things like actual release dates sneaking into the apps. It give me hope for better.
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  3. I recently switched from an iPhone to an Android phone and i'm having a hard time trying to find a music player app that's not fucking ugly to play my local songs. Honestly I will never complain about an Apple design ever again yeesh. Does the Spotify mobile app allow you to play local files the way the desktop app does?
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  4. LiK


    Not related to Spotify but have you tried "Shuttle or Black Player"?
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  5. Yeah Shuttle was one of the least offensive looking ones that I tried but still didn't like some of the design choices. Black Player isn't free so i'm afraid of paying for it and then finding out I hate it too.
  6. Android is horrible why would you do that to yourself?
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  7. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    Android can be customised and themed to look however you wish.

    The three dot menu on the top right on Spotify is in such an awkward place now. I hope they move it in an update. It's a stretch to reach it on tall screen phones one handed.
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  8. Just been fucked over by Apple one too many times.
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  9. Finally started using the new version of the app and yeah I hate it. Everything takes an extra click longer now. The left/right swipe to add to queue or save being gone is especially annoying.
  10. Do we have an official "share your playlists" thread around somewhere?
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  11. It's still there for me. (iPhone)
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  12. We need this!
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  13. Oh really is it an android thing then damn.
  14. Where should it go --- main forum? Charts & rates?
  15. The main forum should be just fine.
  16. Do the "save" and heart button mean different things now on the updated app? I've noticed that when I click save on a song instead of just "hearting" it, it doesn't go to my liked songs page. I have no idea where it goes.
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  17. adz


    I wish they would stop messing with the platform every week.
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  18. I just got the latest update and I hate it thanks. I need the "recently played" list back.
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  19. I like the new update/look... Tbh, I usually do like the changes.
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