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Spotify's 'Your 2018 Wrapped'

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Go to:
    Follow the steps. Post yours!



    Link to Playlist (click follow, hen!)

    Bonus track:
    Top 20 or whatever Zoom out let me show.
    Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 14.00.11.png
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  2. -L-aYLpES-SoxKqNxMMy.png

    Definitely not wrong, I don't think there in chronological order though!
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  3. Remember when we didn't like Spotify and 'CDs are better, where's my Xenomania Remixes gone!!1' etc.
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  4. -L-aaLVh324u0u000UUD.png
    Taylor... Drag me
  5. Takes a long time doesn't it?

    @Bolton join the club boo.
  7. [​IMG]

    Whew talent always wins!
  8. Oh...mine reads like I'm 50 years old...I'll keep it to myself.
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  9. upload_2017-12-5_12-23-23.png

    Mine isn't right. I've listened to Anywhere by Rita Ora more than enough for it to be in my top 5.
  10. RJF


    After all that "Bon App├ętit" is nowhere to be seen, sis?
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  11. spotify-2017-wrapped.png
    What a messy mess this is. Three of those songs were not even released in 2017, "Top Genre Rock", average age of my top artists > 50 (that sounds ageist, but I don't feel that Comeback Corner-ish yet), "Die Toten Hosen" sneaking in there because they released their discography on Spotify this year and I tried to be 14 again for two weeks.

    No idea how New Rules cannot be on there.

    But it's all true.
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  12. I'm one depressed bih


    There is more variety in the playlist itself, but


    ... yeah.
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  13. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Mine's a damn mess, lemme hide behind the fact that I only migrated from Apple Music to Spotify a few months ago so the likes of Lorde, MUNA, Gaga etc. should've been up there.

    (I love how I must have listened to Hunt You Down and Boots enough times in release week to get them in there 'cause god knows I've barely revisited the album since then.)
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  14. [​IMG]

    Zayn released the total of two songs this year, and yet.
  15. I have to know why The Ketchup Song is your second most played of the year?
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  16. Played it at a party as a joke, realised it was actually quite a good song once you take the 'joke' aspect off it, and I now know all the words to it; English, Spanish and Gibberish. I would say I'm not proud, but I'd be lying a little bit lol.

    The best part is I only swapped to Spotify in September. Whoops.
  17. 'Break Free' is in my top 100 songs of the year for the 4th year running.
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