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Spotify's 'Your 2019 Wrapped'

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by theincredibleflipper, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Spotify confirmed the link goes live on December 5th. So far it is a teaser.

    Since we all love a good statistic - can’t wait. What’s your guesses? Finally got a family account after my boyfriend's debatable tasted screwed over my list last year.

    ANYWAY I see Lana, Robyn and Mariah ruling. Caution and Honey carried well into 2019.
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  2. Not with those apostrophes.
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  3. Eeks this title is a mess.
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  4. Y’all pedantic
  5. Not Apple Music getting this weeks before Spotify! Daddy Jobs let the girls eat for once
  6. 0κευ
  7. Apple Music getting something right or early for once and suddenly it's big deal?
  8. Actually earlier this kind of a service is the wronger it is, so... Spotify wins.
  9. My phone was all German about this.

    I am deeply sorry.

    i worked on it. Baby steps.
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  10. Tea actually.

    UNLESS! They found a way to give the results, say end of Nov but keep updating the list with data with the definitive list appearing Dec 31?
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  11. The question is... why are listening stats and charts not just an ongoing, available feature?
  12. I would love this to happen too
  13. Your playlist of your most played song of the year gets updated weekly
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  14. So Spotify can sell it to corporate partners nn
  15. Norman. Fucking. Rockwell!
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  16. This is my prediction:

  17. There's a specific link that you can use to see your short term, mid term and long term listening stats on Spotify.
  18. But something comfortable like LastFM would be fantastic.
  19. My predictions:

    1. Madonna - Crave
    2. Madonna - Crave (MNEK remix)
    3. Madonna - Crave (Tracy Young remix)

    I don’t think we should play with this
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