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Spotify's 'Your 2019 Wrapped'

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by theincredibleflipper, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Okay: Men I Trust, Megan Thee Stallion, Beyoncé, Charli, and (ironically) Marina are my most-played artists from this year.

    Charli is my artist of the decade, quelle surprise.
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  2. Just got to the bit where they say which songs and artists were your top ones from each year since 2010 and it made me super emotional? Each song/artist was such a throwback to what I went through that year it hit me like a truck.

    I love this feature so much.
  3. I think I made a Spotify account in the last days of 2015 cause it doesn't match up with anything on my ddd. My most listened to artist/album in 2015 was Years & Years' debut by like... a 1:5 ratio vs. the 2nd next most-listened.
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  4. My top 20 tracks of 2019 (some of these seem a bit odd/out of place to me, but I definitely listened to all of them quite a lot):

    1. Bad Bunny - Callaita
    2. John Mayer - New Light
    3. J. Cole - MIDDLE CHILD
    4. Lana Del Rey - Doin Time
    5. John Mayer - Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1967
    6. Denzel Curry, Kiddo Marv - WISH
    7. Megan Thee Stallion, Ty Dolla $ign, Nicki Minaj - Hot Girl Summer
    8. J Balvin, Bad Bunny - YO LE LLEGO
    9. Chance The Rapper, Lil Durk, Nicki Minaj - Slide Around
    10. Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby - Cash Shit
    11. Miley Cyrus, Swae Lee - Party Up The Street
    12. Bruce Springsteen - Moonlight Motel
    13. Lana Del Rey - Norman fucking Rockwell
    14. Mt. Joy - Silver Lining
    15. Madonna, Maluma - Medellin
    16. John Mayer - Rosie
    17. Dreamville, J. Cole, DaBaby - Under The Sun
    18. Miley Cyrus - Slide Away
    19. Tyler, The Creator - EARFQUAKE
    20. Lizzo - Truth Hurts
  5. RMK


    Gaga stans really got screwed with that logo pic dd
  6. A couple of the years were interesting because I didn't use Spotify a lot before like 2016-2017, so it wasn't terribly accurate until then.

    My top ten were:

    1. Normani - Motivation
    2. Katy Perry - Never Really Over
    3. Ariana Grande - NASA
    4. Beyonce - Countdown Live
    5. Billie Eilish - bad guy
    6. Kim Petras - Heart to Break
    7. Carly Rae Jepsen - Want You In My Room
    8. Beyonce - Hold Up Live
    9. Ariana Grande - needy
    10. Beyonce - Check on It

    Most of all of my music listening was either shower songs or driving music, but that run of Hold Up/Countdown/Check On It was my....-cough-...motivation music the whole year round and honestly lent me power from Beyonce herself, who was my artist of the year.

    Artist of the Decade being Ariana Grande because @Laura Vanderbooben would have me killed otherwise.
  7. [​IMG]

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  8. As I thought, my 2019 playlist is mainly white males and twelve songs by Loona.

    That said, I'm happy Charli XCX, Twice and Loona were in my top 5 artists so I can at least pretend I have some taste.

    I hope they change up their look for the Spotify Wrapped next year.
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  9. DB259B10-CAF5-40C1-B2DD-4531128B39A1.jpeg B0F66FDE-C7BF-4E85-9E0B-34E19523FC06.jpeg 86E8242E-E15E-4298-B36B-3BB5335B7BB8.jpeg


    Marina #2 tho...with THAT album??? Sweetie, I’m so sorry...she don’t deserve it
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  10. Like most I take Spotify with a pinch of salt as I don’t use it often enough but was happy Tegan and Sara were my top artist of 2019 and Lykke Li my top artist of the decade.

    My top ten tracks of 2019 goes something like this
    1 BKLYNLDN - Shura
    2 Don’t feel like crying - Sigrid
    3 Juice - Lizzie
    4 bad guy - Billie Eilish
    5 You and I - Léon
    6 Burning - Maggie Rogers
    7 All the songs - Will Young
    8 Racing Cars - Ruti
    9 Stretch - Louise
    10 You say - Lauren Daigle

    Last.Fm probably a bit more accurate

    1 BKLYNLDN - Shura
    2 bury a friend - Billie Eilish
    3 Late Night Feelings - Mark Ronson feat Lykke Li
    4 All the Songs - Will Young
    5 Ana - Say Lou Lou
    6 Number one fan - Muna
    7 you should see me in a crowd - Billie Eilish
    8 You and I - Léon
    9 The Knife - Maggie Rogers
    10 Still - The Japanese House

    Artists of 2019
    1 Tegan & Sara
    2 The Japanese house
    3 Bright Light Bright Light
    4 Fleurie
    5 Muna
    6 Billie Eilish
    7 Shura
    8 Betty Who
    9 Maggie Rogers
    10 LP
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  11. top 5 artists:
    1. Grimes
    2. Madonna
    3. Nobuo Uematsu
    4. FKA Twigs
    5. Kate Bush

    top 5 songs:
    1. FKA Twigs - Cellophane
    2. Grimes feat. Hana - We appreciate Power
    3. FKA Twigs - home with you
    4. Rosalia - Malamente
    5. Lana del Rey - Venice Bitch
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  12. Top Artists of the Decade

    1 Britney Spears
    2 Charli XCX
    3 Tame Impala
    4 ZHU
    5 AlunaGeorge
    6 Rihanna
    7 Madonna
    8 Azealia Banks
    9 Gorgon City
    10 MARINA

    2019 Most Played

    1 Gone - Charli XCX, Christine and The Queens
    2 My Game - The Beatangers
    3 Hungry Child - Hot Chip
    4 Borderline - Tame Impala
    5 Shades - Tchami
    6 Patience - Tame Impala
    7 My Own Thang - Walker & Royce, Sophiegrophy
    8 Who I Am - Toro y Moi
    9 Cross You Out - Charli XCX, Sky Ferreira
    10 Whiplash - Theophilus London, Tame Impala
    11 Drogba (Joanna) - Afro B
    12 My Type - Saweetie
    13 In My Head - PNAU
    14 Slow Burn - Kacey Musgraves
    15 Mother’s Daughter - Miley Cyrus
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  13. Whew, a top 5:


    Also, Overtime by Jessie Ware was my #1 song of 2018 and my #7 song of 2019. We love a perennial bop.

    Does anybody know the date range used for this? I was surprised not to see any FKA twigs in my playlist.
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  14. My top 10 is as follows:

    1. In My Head- Ariana Grande
    2. 7 Rings- Ariana Grande
    3. Motivate- Little Mix
    4. Want 2- Bronze Avery
    5. Last Hurrah- Bebe Rexha
    6. All Day & Night- Jax Jones & Madison Beer
    7. Imagine- Ariana Grande
    8. God Is A Woman- Ariana Grande
    9. Waves- Normani ft 6LACK
    10. More Than Words- Little Mix ft Kamille

    So clearly it’s been an incredibly diverse year dddd.

    A lot of those listens must have been me spamming thank u, next in the first 6 months of its release as I’ve barely touched it since summer. But a well deserved winner in Ariana anyway.
  15. Kacey is my artist of the year, Kylie is my artist of the decade and Taste is my middle name.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Honestly bop after BOP.
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  17. A7F59712-5166-4631-9E85-F29EE9A9EBB6.jpeg 15400B3D-2D45-49BC-AAEE-47BDC43AE41A.jpeg Pretty accurate this year
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  18. I love Spotify Wrapped, but am a huge nerd, too... so I compared my Wrapped with my 2019 scrobbles just for fun.

    Top 10 Songs
    1. Molecules: Hayley Kiyoko (#3 on
    2. In My Head: Maisie Peters (#1 on
    3. New Look: Rita Ora (#2 on
    4. Stay Young: Maisie Peters (#4 on
    5. Now That I Found You: Carly Rae (#5 on
    6. Party For One: Carly Rae (#10 on
    7. No Drug Like Me: Carly Rae (#9 on
    8. Right Words Wrong Time: Carly Rae (#8 on
    9. Too Much: Cary Rae (#11 on*
    10. Worst Of You: Maisie Peters (#6 on
    * Mandy Moore’s ‘When I Wasn’t Watching’ missing from Spotify top 10. It’s #7 on my

    Top 5 Artists
    1. Carly Rae Jepsen (#2 on
    2. Maisie Peters (#3 on
    3. Mandy Moore (#1 on
    4. Taylor Swift (#4 on
    5. Vanessa Carlton (#5 on

    Discovered 1,010 new artists (Thanks @ohnostalgia chart family & PJ song contests!)

    Most played new artist:
    - Sarah Klang

    I’ve been a Spotify Premium member since the summer of 2011... so the decade rundown they provided was pretty fun.


    My artist of the decade was


    which lines up with my stats.
  19. I love that they have created an Instagram Story!
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