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Spotify's 'Your 2020 Wrapped'

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Triple S, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. That Spotlight stanning!!!
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  2. What's everyone's artist with most songs?
    Mine is Dua with 8.
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  3. "Fever" was No. 30 for me. Dua, ha impact.

    I had nine Charli XCX songs in my Top Songs, which is unsurprising.
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  4. I played the single edit 180 times and reached my 100th play within 8 days of release.

    I actually thought that the two versions might stop it from being my top song so I'm curious how far ahead it would have been had both versions been combined!

    EDIT: Also just noticed that Overtime, which was top 10 in both 2018 and 2019, still made it to #20 this year - we stan a perennial classic!
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  5. My gayest achievement.

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  6. Also SCREAM at this being included?

    I have never listened to this song?
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  7. Promo!
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  8. Pretty sure I've not used Spotify enough to get this for 2020.
  9. Well, my song of the year is no surprise

  10. Anyone tried the Missed playlist Spotify recommends I guess based on your listening habits?
    Mine has a Charlie Puth song as No 2.
  11. IMG_9585.png

    No real surprises in my Top 5. It's safe to say that I've been appreciating Pop Music more than ever before with Jessie, Roisin and Caroline snatching a Top 5 slot. The Top 3 is absolutely undisputed this year, even if I probably anticipated Laura at the top since I listen to her whole discography all the time. However, that's the proof I've been streaming the hell out of What's Your Pleasure.

    Ranks 4-5 are more of a surprise; I probably would've thought it's Fiona or Joni since, once again, their whole catalogue is on heavy rotation. But it's nice to see some Popjustice-Favourites rounding out the Top 5!
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  12. Mine is easily Dua with 11.
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  13. I love that my list is super main pop girl faggy but also includes small acts like Tamera, Raissa, Yebba, Alina Baraz, Marlene, Kiana Ledé, Elodie etc. This was such a great year for female pop.

    Ugh why is Spotify so iconic?
    Remember when we used
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  14. Mine is also trying to push that Puthy track. Getting payola vibes.
  15. Megan Thee Stallion with 12, including features.
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  16. A Hottie!
  17. MUNA making my Top 5, and them only releasing one new single this year...
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  18. 4C1D3483-6B1C-4317-8988-94A0C8EC4C08.jpeg

    Tongue pop yes god mawma
  19. I feel like my top 5 songs are only there because they've been on my playlist all year and just accumulated. I wonder how it would look if Spotify operated a "library" system rather than a playlist system.
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