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Spotify's 'Your 2020 Wrapped'

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Triple S, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. Ditto.
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  2. My most played song of the year is...

    ... that's tea actually.

    But my most played artists are all classical composers with Lorne Balfe taking the crown.


    He is the composer for His Dark Materials, so I gotta blame reading the books at the beginning of the year with it as background music


    My playlist is a scream:

    You can almost feel the serotonin trying to seep through the cracks!
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  3. K94


    Same here shshshs - it's been a desperate year for Republicans!
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  4. Screenshot_20201202-111344_Spotify.jpg

    Yes @Robsolete that is Rita Ora's Ritual in second place!
  5. It's here, girls! Not surprised at all by this year's results for me, the Physical slayage was absolutely real and it devoured everything else.


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  6. I’m slightly gutted that no longer commuting and instead working from home has meant my total minutes played figure has drastically reduced compared to previous years... Goes to show how much I hate working in an office environment, hence the previous need to drown out the noise with some pop music escapism.
    Anyway, I’m truly thrilled with my list this year, predominantly my top 5 songs:


    Dua really has been the queen of 2020, ugh, what a woman. Three versions of Don’t Start Now, three versions of Levitating, both versions of That Kind Of Woman... all in my final 2020 wrapped playlist. And I’m in the top 0.01% of listeners (aren’t we all, ddd?). Whew!
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  7. 'Sweet Melody' came out 8 days before the cut off... I need help.
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  8. My 2020 autogenerated playlist is a bit of a mess but this rather reflects my taste this year with what's been released.
  9. Not Cheryl’s ‘Let You’ being my sixth most played over the year.

    My whole top five is a hot (great) mess mainly because while I don’t doubt it, I don’t remember it. Staying on brand for 2020


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  10. So, one of my Top Genres is apparently "Escape Room" which, what the fuck is that. Talking to some friends, they sent me this link talking about it

    What do you guys think about it? Have any of you gotten Escape Room as a top genre?

  11. My most played list is too chaotic to post but Chinese Satellite by Phoebe was top, which is very unsurprising given that I spent most of 2020 wallowing in sadness. Also I'm in the the top 0.001% of Kelly listeners and I really hope this means I'm number 1.
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  12. 2012 me stanned your Top 5, tbh.
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  13. When is the umsupoosed cut off date for these statistics? I know everyone says the whole of November isn't included but Nothing But My Feelings by Little Mix is one of my most played of the year and that was released in November 6th?
  14. My top artist was an artist I'd literally never heard of, whose top track has 30k plays. I'm baffled.
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  15. but we need the audience to see the artist!
  16. 1. Mariah Carey
    2. Madonna
    3. Janet Jackson
    4. Ariana Grande
    5. Joni Mitchell

    1. Ariana - Positions
    2. Clairo - Sofia
    3. Clairo - Bags
    4. Mariah - Touch My Body
    5. Janet - If

    I only listen to legends. I very rarely listen to people who are not legends.
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  17. Keeping it fresh and current with my fourth most listened to song...
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  18. Does anybody know what the cut off date was? I’ve got Real Groove in my top 100 songs, so it must have been after Nov 6th.
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  19. Kii all the pondering about the cut off date/accuracy has reminded me of this iconic post from last year's thread:
  20. It was my third top genre! Makes a lot of sense now that I've looked into it.
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