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Spotify's 'Your 2020 Wrapped'

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Triple S, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. Taste @ Up The Walls being #2 on your playlist. Taste, taste, taste.
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  2. BTG


    The Blessed Madonna snuck onto my most played artists because of how much I blasted Club Future Nostalgia I-
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  3. I yelled!
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  4. Is there any way to find out my top-10 artists? My top-5 were:

    Pet Shop Boys

    I feel like the last three should just be bundled together into one really...
  5. My iPod Unwrapped....10 most played songs released in 2020 in order:

    Free Woman : Lady Gaga
    American Cars : Annie
    Runaway : Nina
    Save A Kiss : Jessie Ware
    Donne-moi ton cœur : Louane
    Je disparais dans tes bras : Christine
    Mountains : Christine
    You'll miss me when I'm not around : Grimes
    What's Your Pleasure (Georgia Remix) : Jessie Ware
    In Heaven : Annie
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  6. My top 5 was:
    1 Phoebe Bridgers - Moon song
    2 Phoebe Bridgers - Garden song
    3 Phoebe Bridgers - I Know the End
    4 Phoebe Bridgers - Chinese Satellite
    5 Taylor Swift ft Bon Iver - Exile
  7. U ok
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  8. Bopping around to my 2020 Top Songs on shuffle this morning. If you take away Intentions it's solid 10/10s across the board, no faults to be found boppage ... any suggestions otherwise are clearly fake news. That stranglehold Dua had on pop in 2020 though... whew.

  9. NOT Selener making my top 5!

  10. 1. Bikini Porn
    2. Alice
    3. Physical
    4. Free Woman
    5. Rain On Me

    Tove taking my top spot in the year I finally got to see her live right before lockdown started. Love to see it, still riding off that high.
  11. Same. I’m so grateful that she started her tour in Nashville!
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  12. Top Artists
    1. Charli XCX
    2. Lady Gaga
    3. Britney Spears
    4. Tame Impala

    Top Songs
    1. Experience - Victoria Monet (feat. Khalid, SG Lewis)
    2. PATTERNS - NASAYA, Sara Diamond
    3. i finally understand - Charli XCX
    4. Claws - Charli XCX
    5. Say So - Doja Cat

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  13. Uno


    Top Artists
    1. Kylie Minogue
    2. Mariah Carey
    3. Dua Lipa
    4. Carly Rae Jepsen
    5. Madonna

    Top Songs
    1. Caution - Mariah Carey
    2. Love Affair - Kylie Minogue*
    3. The Distance - Mariah Carey ft. Ty Dolla $ign
    4. Fragile - Kylie Minogue
    5. A No No - Mariah Carey

    *Not entirely sure how Love Affair is in the Top 2 though, I can't remember seeking out that song at all this year. I'd have been shocked if it was in the top 30, let alone top 2.
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  14. Yes stan the song of the year!
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  15. All my top songs are from Little Mix and Spice Girls because I keep playing their albums when I'm making dinner

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  16. I don't think I have any old songs on mine, maybe Georgia - About Work The Dancelfoor.
    Mainly because I have my Bops playlists where I add songs from NMF every Friday and then completely rinse the fuck out of.

    My most played old era according to Wrapped is the 80s though with the song I played the most being the incredible, the incomparable, the timeless, the exquisite...

  17. Is 'About work the dancefloor' considered 'old?

    Shuffles off to care home.
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  18. Well no, just not 2020

    Last year I had Africa, Private Dancer and Down Under on mine, again because of a playlist I was going back to again and again.
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  19. My highest placed 'oldie' is 'Get outta my way' because...well, I hardly need explain 'because'.
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