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Spotify's 'Your 2020 Wrapped'

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Triple S, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. I think Aaliyah would’ve been in my Top 5 if her music was actually on Spotify... I’ve been bumping One In A Million and Aaliyah all year.
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  2. B5C65314-09DF-4417-B071-3C0D590B2428.jpeg The top 0.01%. You put the work, you get results, what can I say.
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  3. Yaaas, stan one of Kylie's best album tracks.
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  4. tea


  5. My #1 song was my own because I wanted streams, oops.
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  6. *screaminggg*
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  7. This is the time of the year that I wish I had Spotify. Apple Music make it impossible to easily share their “Replay” tool, even though it’s able to be used throughout the year. My top results are below anyway for anyone who gives a shit.

    1. Taylor Swift
    2. Dua Lipa
    3. Lana Del Rey (I hammered her stuff earlier in the year, which is why she’s appearing on this list)
    4. Kylie Minogue
    5. Lady Gaga (Guess I stan Chromatica more than I thought)

    Songs (I’m not even sorry about the top 2)
    1. Cruel Summer
    2. I Think He Knows
    3. Physical
    4. The Last Great American Dynasty
    5. My Tears Ricochet
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  8. But can anyone beat my minutes?

  9. Yes.

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  10. A year has 525,600 minutes though... and if we're asleep through a third of those, that only leaves 350,400 for us to be awake...

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  11. But Wrapped is only Jan-October, no? Which would leave less waking minutes.
  12. I think it’s mid November, but yeah ñññ

    I guess some people do sleep with music on!
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  13. Shameless promo for my bedtime playlist:

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  14. Pussy is mine, Motivation, Ride... dat ain’t no “sleep” hinny.
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  15. tea


    It was a play on the 100k gold certification for music dd the FLOP is me!

  16. I got that.
  17. ñññ I go it but I thought Spotify gave a badge or something. AND THEY SHOULD!
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  18. That's what the artist makes.
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