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Spotify's 'Your 2020 Wrapped'

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Triple S, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]

    Lastfm: Sorry we couldn't load the artwork for Sweet Melody
    Me hacking their mainframe to edit the HTML:

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  2. Is there a good source for seeing the most streamed artists and songs of 2020 -- just in the US -- both on Spotify and on other platforms?
  3. Did anyone who uses Stats for Spotify notice a massive update today that totally changed their Most Played top 50? Mine suddenly makes zero sense, and songs that have been in my top 10 forever are gone, whereas songs that have never been on the list (and I haven't listened to in ages) have suddenly appeared. Wondering if it's a glitch? My 4 week + 6 month lists stayed the same, but my All Time list is totally random.
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  4. Yeah this has happened to me as well (on both the artist & song charts). I think it's either a glitch or Spotify have deleted a lot of old listening data.

    I didn't start using Spotify as my main form of music consumption until the end of April 2019. My brother had taken over my account for a few years before that, so it took a while for the recommendations to change to my taste.

    Last week there were still 16/17 of his faves in my all time top 50, now there are only three.

    I'm going to guess they've deleted all stats from before 2019, since I still have data from before I set up Spotify family in April 2019, but it's clear there's still some data from when he was using my account.
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  5. Interesting, this probably makes the most sense. A few tracks from Glory were in my top 20 (Make Me..., Slumber Party, Come Over), but they all entirely disappeared from my top 50, I guess because I predominantly hammered them in 2016/2017. Some of the stuff that rose up my list still looks super weird to me, though. I guess just because it's unexpected.
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  6. Question for anyone that might use Apple Music - in my Apple Music Replay playlist, I have songs with lower play counts being ranked above songs with higher play counts. Does anyone know how they ascertain the ranking for this playlist? What metadata is it based on? It can't just be on play count because my most played song of the year sits at number 2 for some reason.
  7. Same! Poor Down and Bon Apettit.
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  8. Okay but did Fifth Harmony's true masterpiece He Like That manage to stay in your top 50?
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