Square Enix - Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

Does anyone play Final Fantasy Record Keeper? It seems to be a rare case of a mobile game avoiding the pay to win approach and there's frequent updates, events and new characters to keep interest going. I'm not saying it's amazing but it's welcome change after the fiasco of All The Bravest.

It's a nice distraction when travelling to and from work, and you're right about the frequency of new content that keeps it fun.

Yea I have it but I got bored and stopped.

The first 3 battles of every 'level' were too easy and I just won it by leaving it on auto and found it annoying.

This is the main problem with the game, it's such a chore to go through all the classic dungeons of the events after levelling up the characters. Then it gets ridiculously hard quite suddenly and I can't complete every level.
From the new FF14 producer Live letter broadcast:



Also the patch notes they gave out were interesting, glad they are thinking about changing astrologian
So, they've said that they are going to announce the announcement of the release date of Final Fantasy XV in March 2016.

What kind of Lady Gaga strategy.
I’m not here for #LadsOnTour from Final Fantasy, I want a complete and utter waif who can decimate all enemies brought in STAT.
Just announced: we'll get the Final Fantasy XV release date at a special event in March 2016.

An announcement of an announcement of a release date. A Lady Gaga tea.
So, they've said that they are going to announce the announcement of the release date of Final Fantasy XV in March 2016.

What kind of Lady Gaga strategy.

(Probably should have posted that in here, though; I always forget that Final Fantasy quite rightly has its own thread.)
Oh my god I’m going to download VII on iPhone and play it over the next two days while I’m off from work. EXCITING.
No love for Theatrhythm? I'd have expected a Final Fantasy thread on a music forum to be all over this.

I played the demo, it was okay.

So I'm playing FFX-2 again after giving up hope of getting the 100% ending (too much.) and man, for all it's charm, sometimes the uncanny valley is too much on the remastered faces. And also, Brother is just the worst.
X-2 could have been so, so excellent if not for the 100% thing. In fact, it could have been a series highlight if it had not been attached to X in any way; the dress sphere system was an amazing concept.

I'm considering putting some money on the PS3 remaster of Tales of Symphonia now. Mess.
X-2 was fine. Effectively an extended coda, but fine. I still haven't played the remastered version. I'll maybe start it in the winter.


X-2 is brilliant. And I love the 100% thing, the pay-off is well worth it (Mascotte!). Due to the addictive nature of the gameplay, I probably put more hours into X-2 than I did in X, something I did not think was possible. I remember years ago checking my old PS2 memory card and having like 400 hours in X and 500 in X-2.
he / him
They kind of perfected the dress sphere thing with XIII's battling system paradigms, but they obviously didn't have the same flair.

X is my favourite game of all time, so X-2 obviously had big shoes to fill and it doesn't really feel like a fantastic game nor does it feel like a traditional RPG. Definitely reminds me of the XIII sequels, in that sense.
X-2 is addictive? Eh. It's a decent battle system over a paper thin plot trading off affection for existing characters mostly. What made X so effective was that you didn't see the mess after the game. It was this bittersweet yet hopeful finish. X-2 just populates Spira with "Oh, they were just in the background during the original game!" character and delivers a really ham-fisted, shaky plotline to go with it. The best parts of the game are when it harkens back to the original, and even then, I don't think Spira works without the looming sense of dread and sadness. What they do to Zanerkand, despite acknowledging its tackiness, is still shitty.

That said, it's full of bits that I love. The Den of Woe sidequest is genuinely chilling in places, along with the bowels of Bevelle. I also like Yuna's defiant stand at the end where she rather petulantly refuses to accept that victory must come with sacrifice, climbs off her cross, loads her guns and does what needs to be done. The very quiet doom of Macalania Woods throughout the game and the eventual salvation for its inhabitants is lovely too. It just doesn't hang together very well.