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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I was hoping the Valkyrie Elysium announcement would give us remasters of the originals. If this does indeed portend a port of the Lenneth mobile port from a years ago to PC and Consoles, that would be ideal. That one had a variety of quality of life features and enhancements to the portraits/resolution.

    It's one of the best JRPGs of all time (and the sequel is great as well), so even if Elysium is meh, I'm thankful that it might make the original slightly more accessible.
  2. Does anyone fancy telling me what the fuck the “same” rule is in VIII triple triad before I launch my iPad through the window?

    I’ve looked online and, unless it’s the specific guide, I can’t get my head around this.
  3. Has anyone ever been to Distant Worlds? They have a 35th anniversary tour coming up and I'm tempted to go. I'm not super familiar with anything post-XII, but if they have a good VI selection and "Answers" it might be worth it.

    This video shows it off when the Selphie card is placed:

    The A and 8 match the cards above and to the right of her, so the Seifer card gets flipped. The key is the card you place has to match two adjacent cards, which can both belong to the enemy, or as in the example above, one belongs to the enemy and one belongs to the player. I think there's also a Same Wall rule where the walls always count as A.

    My bf is deep into FFXIV and the Triple Triad in that game has even crazier rules.
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  4. I've played Final Fantasy Tactics some three times in my life, but I never finished Tactics Advance as a child with a GBA, so I'm finally playing through it now.

    About 20 hours deep and it's got a really great addictive quality in its job and skill system. I also really appreciate its smaller and more bite-sized scope: max of 6 on 6 battles on smaller maps is just way more digestible in smaller doses and it's a little bit of a nice change from the original.

    It certainly is still frustrating at points, mostly in regards to how low hit percentages are (even when on the sides of enemies). It is funny that some of the key mission issues from the original weren't corrected and were instead leaned into. Namely, some multi-part missions that culminate in a 1:1 fight which you now 1) can't save before and 2) can't edit your setup for. Confounding!

    The game is certainly not as big of a Moment as the original Tactics, but it does feel like a bit more of an overlooked entry in the series upon reflection. And somehow I'm still committed to playing it despite me owning an unopened copy of Triangle Strategy begging to be played.
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  5. @covert_crooner i went to Distant Worlds for the 30th anniversary and it was wonderful. Really great vibes with the fans, some gorgeous merch and programmes, they really hit it out the park with fan service (seeing the opera from VI in full was incredible).
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  6. Apparently there was some behind the scenes drama with Balan Wonderworld, with the director (the Sonic creator) being removed from the project, and the game being released in an unfinished state. It's really a shame things turned out like this, because, at least at first, it looked like it had to potential to be a great game.
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  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Well gherls it might be a little too bare-bones but I am loving the Cross remaster.
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  8. I don't have money for a PS5 yet can they HOLD ON
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  9. I kind of wish I hadn't replayed this so recently because I want to play this remaster.
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  10. Finally beat this last night, and the final mission can absolutely choke.
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  11. Final Fantasy XI is 20 years old today, which is incredibly wild since it's still running (and as someone who plays, still extremely active community-wise).
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  12. I need to buy 500k copies of FFX to make sure it stays third place.
  13. Even a tiny teaser of Remake Part 2 would be awesome:

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  15. I liked the FFX and XIV ones and of course, I did not have money while they were stocked.
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  16. Give it to me!
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