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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. The XIV one was the first to sell out , they were legit cleared within the hour they went up
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  2. Oh, no, now I want them to make a Sailor Moon game with these graphics...
  3. Most aren't that great. I do think the 3 + 5 ones are the best.

    I ended up getting the 3 and 11 ones because 5 was sold out when I logged on. The 11 one I just had to buy to encourage any and all merch related to it at this point.
  4. I mean, honestly so proud. My baby.
  5. Yassss! (Pretty sure it’s a kids show but I’m ready for anything FFIX related)

  6. Not sure if this means 100% we will play just with Clive or if it just implies on what the trailer showed:

    I am most excited about the summons, they are like real characters. It seems Clive is Ifrit.

    Also, I can't believe we will have such heath bars for the first time, it reminds me of fighting games but I think its cool.
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  7. As beautiful as the trailer looks am I the only FF fan who would like them to return to a turn based combat system or at least some variation of it. I'd even settle for the gambit system form XII. Having said all that when hell finally freezes over and I manage to get a PS5 I will absolutely play XVI.
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  8. I guess Bravely Default is essentially this, but I wish Square-Enix would make a side-series of Final Fantasies that keeps the classic turn-based/ATB battle systems alive. I acknowledge that as their tentpole franchise, mainline installments need to be really broadly appealing and real-time combat is where that is currently, but the franchise completely abandoning its roots is disappointing.
  9. I feel like what's most disappointing is how FFXVI just looks like... other battle systems. Devil May Cry in particular, and the Eikon battles look like some sort of Tekken/Pokemon hybrid.

    With that said, turn-based JRPGs are in a better state than ever and it's not like there's any shortage of incredible ones. Persona 5 Royal, Yakuza Like A Dragon, Dragon Quest XI, The Trails-series...
  10. Final Fantasy XVI looks so bland. I'm sure it will be a good game but will it be a good Final Fantasy game? I have my doubts.
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  11. They started to share more info on the characters

    I was just thinking, by the time this gets released, it will be in development for 7 years. And then people bitch about FF15, no wonder it had such development mess where they had to change it from a trilogy connected to FF13 to a single game in 3 and a half years. Its good Square learned a lesson not to rush things.

    Its actually funny game is practically completed and yet we have to wait a year because of polishing. Then again, Yoshida is perfectionist, Endwalker was delayed because he wanted it to be perfect.
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  12. I've said this before and totally agree. Make a side series that's more humble on budget and development time. Its obvious at this stage the franchise is moving into action and I don't think it'll ever come back but I'd love to bring FF back to its roots in a smaller, classic spin off series.
  13. He


    FFVII REMAKE will hold down that fort for the next 10 years until it’s completed.

  14. The opening and build up in this song is just… immaculate.

    I really hope a remake is coming. Just please for the love of God… let it be turn based.
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  15. Are there any rumours of when they’re supposed to be announcing a remake?
  16. Uh, I was not prepared for how savage Bravely Default 2's story was going to be! Chapter two boss and revelations, what the fuck!
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  17. I bought World of Final Fantasy for the PS4. I would have gotten it on Switch but it was more expensive on that platform.

    It looks basic gameplay-wise and I'm a bit over everything having a monster-catching mechanic, but it's so cute! The story looks very fun and charming:

  18. World of Final Fantasy is an excellent game, I really enjoyed it and would love if they did a sequel. It's super charming and the gameplay is really fun. Also, people were talking about turn-based, old school FF in the posts above and, well, that's exactly what WoFF is.
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