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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I actually had no idea SE owned Bust-A-Groove. The first one was one of the first videogames I played, I remember asking my parents to get it thinking it was a fighting game like Tekken ff. It was a lot of fun though, and the songs remain iconic to this day. That said, sadly I don't really see SE ever doing anything with the series.
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  2. Yes! It's something they acquired in when they merged with Enix.

    It's almost certainly going to remain a curious oddity lost to time, but part of me does hope SE's big push to get all of their old catalogue up digitally might mean we'll see it at some point again. The art/character design alone is some of my favorite ever.

    I also wish there was one more entry in the series that could've perfected/enhanced the competitive bits between the players (rather than two attacks/dodging each song). A slightly more competitive 'match' could be a ton of fun as a multiplayer game that could grow its own small scene.
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  3. Kitty N is literally one of the defining characters of my childhood. She is MOTHER.

    When she starts whacking and pulling out those vogue moves.

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  4. Crisis Core is out 13th of December:

    Considering the date, I think its highly likely Rebirth will be out in December next year - because I know many said its more likely it won't be December but the following year.
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  5. Announcements today. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw some of the same trailers on the State of Play tonight, like Thearhythm or Crisis Core. Also, since Octopath II is coming to PS, I would expect to see a port of the first one.
  6. To my understanding, Octopath games won't be conected right, I can play II without playiing I? I never played the original game because my laptop isn't that great for playing games. It would be a wasted opportunity not to port Octopath I since the second one is being released on all consoles.
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  7. The games seem not to be connected, with different characters, a different world, etc, so it should be fine playing the second without having played the first.
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  8. Is Crisis Core likely to look like garbage on he Switch? I presume PS4 would be better? I don’t think I’d use a PS5 enough that it would be worth getting just for this game.
  9. Haha, what else will they come up with. I guess its for those who whine Aerith never loved Zack:

  10. I'm a FF7 stan but never played Crisis Core, so i'm looking forward to finally having the opportunity. That said, should I buy a PS5 now or wait until Rebirth
  11. I have to say I wasn't a fan of Zack's VA when I saw him in FF7R but he sounds fine in the trailer of CC. I guess the key is not compare the two or else you'll never be satisfied. It looks like they changed the gameplay a lot which is great as I thought the original one is the biggest flaw of the game. Well, that and Genesis, what an annoying character. It really makes me wonder whether they will add the CC retcon in FF7 remake games.
  12. Hot take: I like FFXV better than FFVII remake. VII remake is probably technically better as it has less problems, more polish and a better thought out action combat system. But I think the character interactions in FFXV are so much more natural and I think the game has way more heart; VII remake almost seems a bit cold in comparison. Also, I find FFXV to be more immersive and bolder in its execution. FFXV is sometimes a hodge-podge that is at odds with itself but it's such a unique game. There's nothing that really feels like it.

    Most importantly, the epic end game of FFXV destroys FFVII's profoundly unsatisfying ending.
  13. Honestly, to me FFVIIR is better than FFXV in pretty much every single department.
  14. it's.....the.....first part.....of a series???????
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  15. I still think the ending needs to work well in of itself.
  16. As in a satisfying conclusion to only part of a story?
  17. Isn't that kind of the point, though? In XV you're following a band of friends who have been together for a long time, and in VII you're playing as characters that either have grown distant or are, at best, tense work acquaintances. The Power of Friendship™️ is all over XV, but VIIR doesn't really aim to include that as a theme.
  18. XV was a very flawed game but I still enjoyed it in the end. The emotional gut punch of the ending and the music that followed after certainly had an impact.

    There was a good game in there somewhere but there just wasn’t enough meat on the bones. Very little development of characters outside the four party members, poor combat system (especially the summon aspect?!) and the dispersing of necessary storyline and backstory into other media and DLC.

    I don’t understand how it’s even comparable to VII Remake.
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  19. I'm not saying it's better than VII Remake. I'm just sayin I liked it better.

    Fair point.
  20. I wish XIII got an ounce of the good faith revisionism that XV seems to get but I know @swim is the only one who supports that narrative with me.
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