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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. XIII wasn’t particularly amazing but I did like that each of the main characters had a decent character arc.

    XIII-2 was up there as one of my favourites, although I never actually got round to playing Lightning Returns because it kinda didn’t appeal to me.
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  2. XIII has great combat beautiful combat but the environments are overly long and bland and the plot is random anime generator word salad nonsense.

    Vanille and Fang deserve a better game to be in.
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  3. I never played XIII but, get it somewhere outside of Xbox and I'd be happy to give it a go!
  4. I would seriously like to replay It, its ridiculous every FF entry can be played on PS4 now except FF13. Overall it is pretty good trilogy, I think Lightning Returns gives a satifying ending to the entire story.
  5. One thing I would love to see is FFXII: Revenant Wings rereleased/remastered, perhaps for the Switch. I couldn’t even finish FFXII but picked up Revenant Wings on a whim and found it pretty enjoyable.
  6. There are some games that will just be forever trapped on the DS, and I think that’s one of them. It was so touch-screen dependent.

    Other games on that list: Kirby Canvas Curse and Yoshi Touch & Go. (Both of which I stan.)
  7. Honestly it just needs a PC port. Mouse control would be perfect for it.
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  8. I think it helped that Revenant Wings didn’t have a colourless sand filter on everything.
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  9. Let's keep fighting the good fight and when they eventually re-release it they can see.
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  10. Not content with getting halfway through FFVII (original), FFVIII and FFIX, Rather than complete them I’ve now opted to download Star Ocean: First Departure R on the Switch.

    EDIT: Anyone got a good guide, from looking you have to play through three times to get all characters?
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  11. It's the time limit that keeps me from playing Lightning Returns. I despise when games do that, Majora's Mask being the only exception. Otherwise, it looks pretty cool.
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  12. It's not that bad really, I remember when I played I still had plenty of time left after doing pretty much everything.
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  13. I just feel it in my heart that Stranger of Paradise will end up on Playstation Plus soon, but lemme buy it just because it's on sale.
  14. Stranger of Paradise is a Trainwreck.

    But it's my trainwreck
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  15. Is it $20 yet? That's my magic number.
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  16. PS4 version is very likely to be better, but I'm still tempted to get it on Switch because handheld.
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  17. It's €30 here but I got a €10 birthday voucher kii.
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  18. Anyone got/getting The DioField Chronicle? It's been getting pretty great reviews. Out of all these SE coming in September-December it's not quite at the top of my list, but I definitely intend to play it eventually.
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