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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I want to play it! I've been waiting to see if Square will put the collectors edition up for PC on their store, or will release the board game from it separately before I take the plunge though. I need to try out the demo in the meantime.
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  2. I am pretty sure they will show something dumb but lets hope they surprise us:

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  3. The DioField Chronicle looks pretty bland IMO. There's so little style to the visuals (which is important to me because video games are a visual medium) and it seems pretty repetitive; the voice acting is also a bit cringe. I think I will opt for Triangle Strategy instead when I'm in the mood for an SPRG.
  4. "Save Point" is a cute name for their presentations. Doesn't really make any sense, but cute!
  5. Valkyrie Elysium has been getting pretty meh reviews, which is disappointing. I really really hope Star Ocean 6 delivers though.
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  6. Not surprised though I hope Ever Crisis will still be happening, I was really looking forward to it:

  7. In better news, as part of the game's ten year anniversary event, the Bravely Default producer pretty much indirectly confirmed a remaster is coming sooner or later

    I'd buy a Bravely Default + Bravely Second Switch remaster in a heartbeat, I hope that's what they do rather than paying the second game dust.
  8. Too bad about The First Soldier. It was actually fun when I played it and it had good reviews when it launched. It was definitely not in the league of other failed SE action games.

    I would play a version for consoles, but right now I'm not in the target audience for a mobile battle royale.
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  9. I feel like First Soldier was some level of investor appeasement for a Battle Royale type. Its a shame they didn't at least push a Switch version
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  10. Yeah I feel like they should’ve pushed a console version as it was quite an enjoyable game, but then I also haven’t played it in a couple of months.

    The main issue I had with the game is that you were lucky to be facing off against one other player person/team in a match so it became quite repetitive.
  11. Valkyrie Elysium demo was mind-numbingly boring. I will not be buying it.
  12. Because they haven't made a console version is the reason why I haven't played it, not even sure if my phone could handle it. I get why they want mobile versions but its a shame they don't make a console version a few months or a year later. I hope they will at least do that with Ever Crisis but who knows.
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  13. Rob


    I have genuinely have never even heard of The First Soldier.
  14. Me neither, delighted with remakes and remasters but the VII spin-offs need to chill out. Begging/pleading/praying for them to focus on VI with the Octopath engine instead thanks!
  15. Dragon Quest XI S plus both Dragon Quest Heroes and both Dragon Quest Builders games are being added to the Playstation Plus library this month, so if anyone's still not a DQ fan...

  16. It looks incredible.
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  17. They saw Digimon Frontier and said I have that shirt too kinda.
  18. Well, holy shit.

    This seems to borrow a beat or two from Triangle Strategy, in terms of tone and setting.
  19. My confidence that 16 will be a good game is definitely rising with every new trailer. I’m ready to see uninterrupted gameplay!
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