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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Im intrigued by how dark it feels, but the look of the combat makes me nervous, still. Where’s the party? Why do the health bars make me feel like I’m looking at Street Fighter and not Final Fantasy?
  2. Who needs a party when it’s a war of the frickin’ eikons.

    the drama value also looks high, I’m perched!
    It feels like it’s going to be sort of like an ensemble story where all the big players are basically new retellings of classic figures we’ve all grown to know and love over 30 years of being wrapped up in this franchise. It feels right.
  3. Loving the tone and the emphasis on the story. Also, the visuals look much improved since that first trailer.

    The 1v1 fights against Eikons have that unique interface. Regular combats don't.
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  4. I can already tell i'm going to be completely lost by the story and it won't take long to lose me there.
  5. … The trailer didn’t do anything for me. I’ll reserve judgement until we see more on the actual storyline and characters.
  6. Once again I hate when things get lost in translation:

  7. It's not the direction I would take with the series but I'm becoming more and more confident that I'm going to really dig FFXVI.

    Part of that is a result of not thinking I was going to like FFXV and then loving the shit out of it. I'm now just going to be more open minded about where they are taking the series.
  8. I'm relieved to see Star Ocean: The Divine Force has been getting solid reviews, thankfully it seems SE learned from their mistakes with the last one.
  9. I’ve only played the first few hours but Star Ocean: The Divine Force is really enjoyable so far! It’s definitely not the most polished game, but it recalls that charming jank of the mid-budget AA RPGs in the PS2 era in a way. Combat is really satisfying and snappy, and getting around with the jet pack/hovering thing makes getting around the (frankly unnecessarily) big areas fun and fast. So far it’s for sure the most I’ve enjoyed a game in the series since Til the End of Time.
  10. A lot more info from her so just check her Twitter if you are interested:

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  11. This answer should really be a 3 letter word. But instead is a No spread out over multiple paragraphs in hopes to not offend anyone. But like this whole "Well there just so happens to be no black people in this pretend fantasy place we made" is not a good answer.
  12. I never thought if you’d asked me back in the day that I’d be looking forward to a new Dragon Quest game over a mainline Final Fantasy but here we are dd.

    I love how DQ just gets what JRPG fans want. They refine the formula just the right amount so it doesn’t feel stale while still keeping it true to the roots of the franchise and still being a blast to play. It has whimsy and charm for days and definitely fills the space that the FF’s of yore left behind. I do miss that certain bite in terms of storytelling and themes that the Final Fantasy series always excelled at but judging from recent entries in the series maybe keeping it simple may be the best option. If you have to read/watch/play supplemental material to understand what’s going on in the main game then you’ve failed at telling a good story, in my opinion. Same goes for Kingdom Hearts.

    Also, JRPG’s don’t and never did need an elaborate open world to feel big or exciting. I definitely think JRPG’s of the PS1 RPG’s felt so grand precisely because they let your imagination fill in the blank spaces through great world building, design and lore. All these devs painstakingly creating all these pretty but lifeless environments when really a cute world map moment would more than do the job.

    I wish SE would realize competing with Western devs for blockbuster hits is pretty much a futile effort. Why would I want Final Fantasy: Game of Thrones Edition when I could just watch the show or multiple games in the same vein?

    Re: Final Fantasy VII was a step in the right direction but if the mainline games keep on heading in this direction then I think I’ll just stick to Tales, Persona and DQ.
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  13. After finally finishing FFXIV: Endwalker (I haven't started the patches!!!!! Don't @ me yet.), Yoshi-P's response on FFXVI is bullshit but I am still........deeply interested in it.
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  14. He


    Not them mentioning historical accuracy of the world they were drawing inspiration from or something ridiculous. Ha.
    The trailer looks meh either way, specially the animations.
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  15. The whole interview was very good, but yeah, Yoshi-P's answer about representation was immensely stupid. It only works to say "We want the game to be authentically European" when you're portraying a real fucking place. But they're not.

    And it's not like there weren't black people in Europe back in the day. SMH.
  16. Harvestella....should not be $60
  17. It’s a fucking fantasy game. Summon spirits don’t fucking exist but People of Color do yet somehow it’s unrealistic? He can go eat shit. Glad I never got into Final Fantasy.
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  18. That '6 month exclusivity' isn't a guarantee given Final Fantasy 7 remake still isn't on Xbox.
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  19. PS5 exclusivity probably just means PC, I think.
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