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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. That is legitimately amazing. It's odd that VII is now four discs, though. Added content, maybe?

    Really though, there would have been no better way of celebrating 25 years than to give the majority of fans what they really want: Final Fantasy VII remade.
  2. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    It's the Internation Version so it's:

  3. The VII version included is the International one (i.e. the Japanese re-release of the American game) so there's two (I think) added minor cutscenes, a lower encounter ratio, Diamond Weapon (who wasn't fightable in the original) and something to do with the materia. The fourth disc is a Japanese-only thing, it included basically all of the game data, so you could look at the maps, enemies, early sketches of the characters, and a load of random facts about the game. Basically a "behind the scenes" thing. It's strange that it seems to be the only international edition included, though.

    It's a nice set alright, but I doubt it'll be surfacing in an English version, so I shan't be bothering with it (plus, I still have the majority of the games).

    EDIT: Ah, it would appear Resi can quote faster than I can type.
  4. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Ah you're post was much more informative so it's hardly a waste.
  5. Just play the game citoig. Advent Children was *ok* mostly for the animation and not the piss poor storyline. Dirge of Cerberus was shit.
  6. I hate that there are all these spin-offs being sent to portable systems. All I have is a regular DS, so thus far I've missed out on Crisis Core, Dissida, as well as the two Kingdom Hearts releases that actually seem integral to the plot. Why can't Square just create more conclusive console releases?
  7. Yeh I'm really pissed they did that to Kingdom Hearts.
  8. Rmx


    I finally finished that damn Final Fantasy XIII. That ending, girl... Should I buy XIII-2? I hardly enjoyed XIII, it was a chore to get through let's be honest. I need that damn X HD remake in my life to remind myself why I'm a fan of the Final Fantasy series again. I have a hunch XIII-2 won't do that, or will it?
  9. I loved the ending to XIII. I got a little misty-eyed.
  10. Rmx


    Really? I was literally sitting like this throughout it all. I just never 'got' what the game is actually about. Like, what is it about? It's all so vague. I still don't really get what a fal'cie is, who gave them their 'target' and all that. I have no idea who this Orphan person is, and why he / she / it re-incarnated like 5 times. I have no idea what Cocoon is, or why it needed saving. I just didn't get it. Is it me? Am I stupid? It's just such a difference with, let's say, X. Where every plot twist genuinely shocked me. The revelation at Yunalesca! Oh my God! Them all sitting together at Zanarkand, finally revealing the meaning behind the intro scene. It was all so sad and genuine. I didn't get even just 1% of that emotion for this game.
  11. I can't remember the intricacies since it's been a few years since I've played it, but I remember at the time I would read every entry in the log thing that was part of the menu. The one that had details on every character, location, etc. Maybe that's why I had a better time understanding it; I'm not sure I would've understood it if I hadn't. I know that's not the sign of a good story, but I enjoyed it.

    From what I can remember, the fal'Cie were god-like entitites. Orphan was a fal'CIe. Cocoon is the world where Lightning, Snow, etc. live. It's like a globe, but it's hollow and they live on the inside of the globe instead of on it's outer surface. So all their family, friends and everyone else lived there, that's why it needed saving.
  12. Rmx


    Yeah I guess. It's just all so... unimportant. I can't really explain. Since it's all one straight line there are no locations you can revisit and thus tie 'emotional value' (or whatever) to. Or not even that... I mean X was also linear but still there was emotional attachment to most of the locations because of the characters and side quests there, and because every location was so defined. In XIII it was just one long string of deserted graphically gorgeous locations. Which was nice, but it got a bit boring.

    Sorry for the hate but I've never been this disappointed in a Final Fantasy game. I just really can't wait for the X HD port!
  13. Oh, don't apologise (hash tag unaplogetic, etc.) I realise it's not a very popular title amongst fans!

    For me, the emotional attachment was to the characters rather than the world.
  14. I've been replaying bits of VII, VIII, and IX on the Vita lately and XIII makes me want to throw up.

    I really want to replay X and XII. They're both so fantastic too, HD repacking would be much appreciated. Though Square has already said not to expect the X re-up anytime soon, so my hopes aren't exactly built up.
  15. You're not alone. The story is wank.

    Two minutes into the game and I'm expected to know what a fal'cie is.

    Having to read a log to understand the story is not good storytelling.
  16. 13 is such a fucking mess. The whole thing. Even the battle system is jank.
  17. RJF


    There were always bits in the previous games that allowed you to take stock of what was happening. Whether it was the Forgotten Capital in VII, the peace of Balamb Garden in VIII after you activate its flying power, Lindblum at various points in IX and X was crammed full of them. XIII is just very... mechanical to me. I've said this many times before, but it's basically a platform game with just as much depth. There's no chance to revisit places, every area you go into is a warzone, and the fragmented storytelling before the entire party comes together just makes the whole thing seem like such a miserable chore. It's just battle after battle after battle after battle. Which is a shame, because had you put the characters of XIII into a more traditional Final Fantasy setting, I think they would be a lot more likeable.
  18. Rmx


    Glad I'm not alone. I'm not blindly hating or anything, but I'm just a very disappointed fan. *plays VII PC version*
  19. All I want is a fucking world map and the ability to level up to godlike proportions to defeat some hidden boss.
  20. Not exactly hidden, but the toughest enemy in the game is Vercingetorix and requires a lot of levelling.

    I will admit the game has its flaws, but I fucking love the battle system!
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