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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, Sep 29, 2021.

  1. It’s true I cannot lie.
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  2. I liked the two seasons of liar game and its movies more than this but it wasn’t bad, just not a groundbreaking viewing for me.
  3. It’s like Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader? But with consequences.
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  4. I did thoroughly enjoy this, the ending was a bit disappointing & the English language characters/dialogue was cringeworthy but overall it was very entertaining. Some emotional moments too, particularly towards the end. I hope that we get a Season 2.
  5. Just finished it too. Overall an enthralling piece of television. Netflix puts out a ton of junk but they get it right at times too. Hoping for another season soon!
  6. Everybody is taking about this so I gave the pilot a chance and... it's bad. It's like a Korean version of Saw but with bright colors instead of that ugly green filter.
  7. I'd say it's more like Battle Royale and Alice in Borderland. I really enjoyed it. Even the ending.
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  8. You’re watching it dubbed, aren’t you?
  9. I've watched one and a half episodes so far and I'm not really convinced. The deranged energy of the game at the end of episode one was fun but the dialogue and characters are so ham-fisted. I don't think it could really be more on the nose thematically.
  10. Alice in Borderland is beyond iconic. This is great, but doesn’t reach the levels of Alice for me.
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  11. No, I'm watching it with subs. I might watch the second episode tomorrow but I didn't like the pilot at all. The first half was boring. It started being a bit interesting after he met the girl who stole his money but it's basically easy violence to hook the audience and yeah... Nothing new.
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  12. Try and watch up to episode 4 and tell us what you think…
  13. I’m up to Episode 3 and it’s fine. I agree the character development and dialog is a bit on the nose, but that may not be the point. From what’s written here, it picks up massively after?

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  14. I love it. I remember watching the interminable, sleep inducing Midnight Mass and praying for an exciting genre show to appear and the next day I heard about this. I was a bit wary because I remember everybody talking about Money Heist and it ended up being a pale, dumbed down imitation of American action movie cliches but this was amazing. Fast paced, twisty and full of tension, the most binge-able series I've watched in ages. Highly recommended.
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  15. WHY is his hair red?
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  16. me going to bed longing for this

  17. It ended with a whimper and not a bang. Still very enjoyable overall but it suffered massively when it was in the ~real world~.
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  18. Hmm I don’t mind that
    we saw that he suffered the trauma from the games. It just felt a bit long. Their strength really isn’t in dialog writing so the long exposition by the old man in the end fell a bit flat.

    Otherwise, 10000% worth the hype. Episode 6 onwards was a masterclass in writing and direction, and although, I still feel a lot of the dialog was very ”hammy”-written, it made up for it in putting them in very tense atmospheres and situations.

    Sangwoo in my opinion was a terrific character and much more compelling than the lead, who was almost too predictably angelic. People keep on giving him an “evil” tag when he seemed more morally grey. It’s a shame he had to die.

    Anyways, are we okay?

  19. I’ve seen from Korean speakers that Netflix has a tendency to poorly translate and a lot of the important nuances weren’t caught through the subtitles.
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  20. I do not agree with the criticisim that the main character was written poorly.

    He is not definitely angelic as Sang-woo is not evil personified. Gi-hun literally spent his entire money on gambling to the point that he could not even get his daughter a present, he stole from his mother that in the end she died because that was the money she was keeping to cover her expenses and in the game he cheated the old man when he knew the old man would have fairly won. He is the more emotional yin part to Sang-woo's rational yang but that does not make him an angel.

    I think the only time where the show suffered was when it focused on the super rich people that organized the game. That was the only time i felt the writing was too cliche and almost comical.
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